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Goofs from Rambo: Last Blood

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  • Gabrielle uses her phone while being underground in the tunnels constructed by Rambo. It is highly unlikely that she would get a signal down there.
  • Many of the driving shots are obviously filmed against the green screen as the dirt on the windshield and edges of people's hair has an unnatural blue-gray tint.
  • The left side face scar that Rambo received on Rambo: First Blood part II while being tortured on Vietnam and that was visible in the sequels is missing on this one.


  • When Rambo is driving back home and realizes Gabrielle is unresponsive, the shot inside the truck shows him pulling over to the right, however in the very next shot from outside, it shows the truck pulling over to the left side of the road.
  • When Rambo is sitting on the farmhouse porch, at the end of the movie, the dust from the explosions continues to hang in the air, not moving. Real dust would have fallen back to the ground.
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