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  • When Ed picks up Hi in back of the grocery store the right outside taillight is out, but after Hi grabs the bag of Huggies the light is working.
  • The grocery store manager is clearly seen putting two shells in a double-barrel shotgun, but then fires at H.I. several times in rapid succession. (Intentionally done by filmmakers to illustrate how H.I. can never catch a break.)
  • When Hi goes into the Short Stop the parking lot is wet with puddles. The police car comes over the wet bridge and stops in the dry parking lot. Then the roads are wet again.
  • When H.I. first enters the Arizona house to kidnap a child, one child's hair length is inconsistent while H.I. is carrying him.
  • In the Full Frame or Pan & Scan version, when H.I. is in the Arizona house kidnapping the baby, one of them "jumps" out of the crib and onto H.I. In the shot where the baby lands on him, a person's hands can clearly be seen at the top of the frame holding the child.
  • When Glen comes back with a neck-brace the curtain on the window of the trailer door changes to a Venetian blind, and then when H.I. goes back inside the louvers change from closed to open.
  • In the aforementioned picnic scene, when Dot and Ed are talking, Dot is spreading mustard on the sandwiches; the mustard bottle's label is clearly blocked out (i.e. to avoid product placement). But, when she places the bottle back on the table, part of the label on the other side of the bottle is visible, clearly identifying it (to someone in the Midwest, or someone who has actually used that brand, anyway) as a Plochmann's bottle. They then switch to a shot of H.I., then back to Ed and Dot; the bottle has turned back to hide the label.
  • Dolly track visible on ground as H.I. and Glen discuss wife swapping
  • The position of Hi's shoe in his hands whilst he's talking to the boys immediately after the robbery.
  • HI and Edwina's Chevy alternates between a 72 Impala 4 door post sedan and a 1974 4 door hardtop quite blatantly throughout the film.
  • When Glen and Dot visit, everybody sits down for a picnic lunch. One of their kids (a little girl with her head wrapped in a bandage) starts throwing the green Jello salad on to H.I. But when they cut to the shot of Edwina and Dot, the Jello salad is in the middle of the table untouched.
  • When the FBI is questioning Nathan Arizona as to what the kidnapped child was wearing, Arizona says the child was wearing jammies even though all five babies are shown wearing just diapers.
  • Shadow of camera operator and vehicle while Leonard Smalls is cruising down the highway.
  • During several shots of various front seat conversations, the vehicles do not have any windshields, both of Edwina and H. I., and Evelle and Gale.
  • When Gale and Evelle return back to get Nathan Jr., a DIP sign is clearly on the wrong side of the road.
  • The police take Nathan Arizona's fingerprints in order to separate his from those that the kidnapper may have left. Since Hi didn't use any gloves when he entered the quintuplets' room and since he has a criminal record (with his fingerprints on file), shouldn't the police learn his identity immediately through the fingerprints he left on the window sill and elsewhere?
  • When HI first enters Double Coupons, the large "Liquors" sign appears behind him at the front of the store. The sign appears again behind the dogs as they chase HI down the rear aisle.
  • In the picnic scene, where Dot and Ed are talking about the DIP/TET booster shots, Dot is squirting mustard on four pieces of bread. Yet when you see the bread a few camera shots later, the mustard squirts are different from the original designs Dot spread earlier.
  • The "Thrush Muffler" trademark tattoo on H.I.'s arm switches sides when he is chasing the babies around on the floor in the initial kidnapping scene. (flipped shot?)
  • When the brothers are escaping from prison, Gale pulls Evelle out of the hole by his feet. As he pulls him up past his hips, you can see a section of mud-holding foam on the edge of the hole.
  • During the wild chase scene, H.I. commandeers a pick-up with driver. The vehicle shown is a 1964 to 1966 Chevy pick up. However, there are a couple scenes from inside the cab over the hood which clearly show the vents and contours of a Dodge pick-up of similar vintage.
  • During the wild chase scene in the "Double Coupons" store, the police officer fires nine shots from a chrome-plated six-shot revolver. This is probably intentional as with the clerk's "magic" shotgun.
  • The "Deep Southern" accent of the main characters, is not typical of Arizona.
  • The hand grenades carried by Smalls have a blue-painted spoon on them, indicating that they are inert training training grenades. Live grenades have an olive drab-painted spoon.
  • During the taking of the first "family photo" on the couch, H.I. frames up the shot with a Canon camera, as it snaps the picture it is a Nikon.
  • In the first shot of Evelle in the car after stealing Nathan Jr. the backseat window is down. After a quick shot of Gale, the window is up.
  • When H.I.'s form is red-stamped "PAROLED", the word "Searched" is misspelled as "SERACHED".
  • When Snoats is pulling himself out of the mud, you can tell he's being pushed from below. He is still rising when his arms are in the air and not pushing against the ground.
  • Comma placement in the newspaper. The sub-headline in H.I.'s stolen newspaper: "More than we can handle", laughs Dad. No editor at a paper, no matter how small, would miss the incorrect comma placement, which should be inside the quotes. It should say: "More than we can handle," laughs Dad.
  • The face of John Goodman's stuntman can be seen when H.I. throws Gale onto the floor at the beginning of their fight.
  • "It ain't armed robbery if the gun ain't loaded" is false. Even a toy gun that appears to be real suffices in Arizona to support a charge of armed robbery.
  • When Ed is driving around as H.I. is being chased the far right tail light is out, but after she picks him up all the tail lights are lit.


  • As HI and Ed approach in their car for the final showdown with Leonard Smalls, shots of HI's face through the windshield show that the shift lever is up in the Park position, even though the car is moving. Since the background looks real, the car must be on a trailer.
  • After escaping from prison, Gale and Evelle steal a 1973-78 Ford station wagon (back-up lamps at the bottom of the taillights), but after the bank heist, they're driving a '71 or '72 (back-up lamps in the center of the taillights). After the dye pack explodes, there is a shot of the front of the car, and it's a '73.
  • While Leonard Smalls is back-handing H.I. in front of the bank, his arm swings back and hits the camera causing it to shudder for a moment.
  • H.I. smashes a lamp while being swung around on Gale's back. When it hits the floor, it is whole.
  • When Glen first confronts Hi at the trailer about having kidnapped Nathan Jr., Hi's hair is flattened down in front. In subsequent shots, Hi's hair is sticking up wildly.
  • H.I. slugs Glen in the desert, knocking him to the ground a few feet away. The movie then switches to Glen's point of view, and suddenly H.I. is now several yards away.
  • When H.I. and Gale Snoats are fighting, considerable damage is done to the trailer. Gale throws H.I. into a gray cabinet by the front door, which cracks it. Gale then punches a hole into the cabinet. Later, when Leonard Smalls enters the trailer, the cabinet is intact.
  • While getting ready to get Jr. from the cons H.I puts the same gun in the front of his pants twice.
  • H.I and Ed switch seats from her driving telling him about splitting up to him driving when they run the cons on the street after the blue bomb.
  • When Nathan Arizona confronts the couple returning Nathan Jr, he puts his revolver in the crib to pick up the baby. Later on, he puts Nathan Jr. back in the crib but does not get his revolver back out of the crib.
  • When Ed & H.I caught up with Gale just after he robbed the bank, they were in Ed's police car; but shortly thereafter when they encounter Mr. Smalls, they instead are in their regular family car.
  • When Gale and Evelle are in their getaway car and the paint bomb explodes in the car, Gale hits the brake to avoid getting in an accident, and later gets out of the car. He never put the car in park during this whole moment.
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