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Quotes from Queen & Slim

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    • Queen: Thank you for this journey, no matter how it ends.
    • Slim: Are you tryin' to die?
    • Queen: Swear to God.
    • Slim: Strong something you believe in.
    • Queen: OK, fine. I swear on you.
    • Queen: No. I just always wanted to do that.
    • Slim: Well, don't do it while I'm drivin'
    • Queen: You should try it.
    • Slim: Nah, I'm good.
    • Queen: Pull over.
    • Slim: Na-ah.
    • Queen: Come on! Pull over. Pull over!
    • Slim: If I do, would you please, let me drive the rest of the way it is?
    • Queen: Can I be your legacy?
    • Slim: You already are.
    • Queen: I want a guy to show me myself. I want him to love me so deeply that I'm not afraid to show how ugly I can be. I want him to show me scars I never knew I had. But I don't want him to make them go away, I want him to hold my hand while I nurse them myself. And I want him to cherish the bruises they leave behind.
    • Slim: You a good lawyer?
    • Queen: I'm an excellent lawyer.
    • Slim: Why do black people always feel the need to be excellent? Why can't we just be ourselves?
    • Queen: Pictures aren't just about vanity, they're proof of your existence.
    • Queen: He told me nothing scares a white man more than seeing a black man on a horse.
    • Slim: Why?
    • Queen: 'Cause they have to look up at him.
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