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  • When hiding under the floor-boards the police search the room flipping the mattress to check under the bed. The following morning when leaving the hiding space under the floor-boards, the bed is made, whilst the home owners had been detained.
  • Uncle Earl, Naomi, Queen and Slim said their goodbyes after torching the Kentucky sheriff's Ford F-350 pickup truck, which was clearly planned. Queen and Slim drove away in Uncle Earl's vintage aqua muscle car. Uncle Earl and Naomi were then left stranded in the middle of nowhere with a very long walk home, and didn't seem to be bothered about it! They'd earlier mentioned how many cars Uncle Earl had, so Uncle Earl was stupid not to plan better. Surely they should have driven to that location in 3 cars (the truck they were going to burn, the aqua car to be gifted to Queen and Slim, and one of Uncle Earl's many other spare cars). This would have given Uncle Earl and Naomi the possibility of getting back home safely.
  • When driving to the airplane, the dinner makes a right hand turn, the driver only slides his hands over the steering wheel, but didn't physically turn the wheel at all.
  • Gayle King refers to the getaway plane as a jet plane. It is a small prop plane.


  • Towards the end of the film - when a man lures Slim and Queen out of the station wagon, he opens the door wherein the cameraman's reflection is briefly seen.
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