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  • When Lucy enters the outpost, she passes the mirror and closes the button on her dress. However when she turns back to the table and sits down the button is open again. Then when she stands close to the wall during the attack, the button is closed again.
  • When Priest readies himself to leave the city, his hands change from being wrapped to unwrapped then back to wrapped when he gets his motorcycle.
  • In many scenes, the cross on Priest's face, which is supposed to be a tattoo, is wiped off from the end of his nose and reappears as a full cross. One of the most noticeable moments in a short time span is at the Nightshade Reservation. Priest has one of the familiars pinned to the ground and when the camera focuses on his face, the end of the cross has been wiped off. Camera switches back to the familiar who points to the sky and when Priest turns to face the sun, the cross is fully drawn on again.
  • The word 'priest' has always stood for someone trained and mostly initiated to perform specific religious rights and to communicate with gods or God. The concept of a Holy Warrior has always been separate, and only rarely does any one individual do both.
  • The Priests are superior fighters. But the authorities have not taken the obvious step of making them law enforcers. Which is a very common later career for military in the real world. (The main action depends on this plot hole, but it is lazy script-writing.)
  • Near the end of the movie when the trio is planning to head out after the train and destroy it. The male Priest says "I will start charging the bikes", meaning they were electric. A few minutes later they reach the train and the female priest gets chased by other motorcycles and she hist a button marked 'Nitro'. Nitro is for gas powered motors.
  • When the town of Jericho is attacked, a record playing Mozart's Requiem is playing. Specifically, it is at the movement called "Tuba Mirum". When the attack itself begins the vinyl record skips forward and the "Dies Irae" music plays. While an effective moment in the film, if a record skipped forward from the Tuba Mirum it would not land on the Dies Irae (the latter comes before the former on a disk).
  • The beginning shows a very entertaining sequence of human vs. Vampire history. It shows that humans were completely overpowered by vampires despite advanced technology. Given that the entire earth has become a wasteland in the process, middle aged humanity would have had no chance to survive if battles were as depicted. (if a hand full of superhuman priests would actually turn the tide is also debatable)


  • At the start of the final battle between Priest and Black Hat, Black Hat kicks Priest into a vent on top of the train car. During subsequent long shots of the train and some shots of the length of the train there are no vents visible anywhere along the top of the train.
  • After stabbing and strangling Priest, Black Hat tosses a lit lantern at Priest's feet starting a fire directly below Priest so he will burn, some of the flames hitting Priest's shoes. However, when Priest later regains consciousness all of the flames are in a semi-circle several feet away from Priest with no burn marks anywhere near his feet.
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