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Goofs from Pretty in Pink

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  • Andie puts her lipstick away twice.
  • When Blane puts Andie in his car, the painted brick wall with the newspaper boxes is in the background, without Duckie. In the next shot, he is sitting on the newspaper box.
  • During the prom scene a teacher can be seen breaking up a couple's dance twice. Once during the overview and then the exact same way again when the cameras do the close up.
  • When Andie is at Trax waiting for her first date with Blane, she is holding a light-colored clutch purse. When she and Blane are walking to his car she has a large multi-colored purse hanging from her shoulder.
  • Andie's sunglasses are alternately in her lap and her hair when Blaine is going to ask her out for first time.
  • In the scene where Duckie is riding his bike in front of Andie's house while he's mad at her, you notice a red car drive by to the right of the screen, then drive by again in the opposite direction.
  • When Blaine asks Andie out, directly behind him can be seen a girl in white tights with a blue and yellow dress on. In the next shot, the same girl can be seen behind Andie. Throughout the scene the girl is shown standing behind both Blaine and Andie, even though they are sitting on opposite sides of one another and the view of the playground behind them each is different.
  • Jack's hair changes drastically between shots when Andie is talking to him about missing his job interview.
  • Obvious stunt double when Duckie is doing the tricks on his bike.
  • The movie is set in Illinois. After Andie's kiss with Blain, Duckie rides his bike around Andie's house and towards Trax record store; all the cars have Blue California license plates.
  • The train blows its whistle after it crosses the road, not before.
  • During then scene when Andie tells Iona about Blane breaking their prom date, Iona appears to look for the kerchief (previously seen in her coat pocket) to dab Andie's eyes. Its not there so she strokes her hair instead. When the scene cuts to over Andie's shoulder you see Iona holding the kerchief. Cut back again and it's missing.
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