Possession (1981)

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A woman starts exhibiting increasingly disturbing behavior after asking her husband for a divorce. Suspicions of infidelity soon give way to something much more sinister.


  • Isabelle Adjani
  • Sam Neill
  • Margit Carstensen
  • Heinz Bennent
  • Johanna Hofer
  • Carl Duering
  • Shaun Lawton
  • Michael Hogben
  • Maximilian Ruthlein
  • Thomas Frey

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To watch Possession again is to realize that it remains one of the most grueling, powerful, and overwhelmingly intense cinematic experiences that you are likely to have in your lifetime.

Metacritic review by Peter Sobczynski
Peter Sobczynski

The genius of Zulawski is that he's dispensed with all the buildup and explanation and logic. How many horror-movie explanations make any sense? He just made an entire movie out of the scary parts, the way a different genius concocted only the muffin top and some pop music producers give you 10 minutes of beats and chorus. Possession climaxes for two whole hours. It's as if, with The Shining, Stanley Kubrick found 25 variations on here's Johnny and red rum. [17 Nov 2012, p.G5]

Metacritic review by Wesley Morris
Wesley Morris
Boston Globe