Political War

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When India became a democratic country in 1947 it granted a great power to each man and a woman -a power of 'right to vote'. A right to select their leader! A leader who serve the nation and its people with full heart. Leaders seem out be Light indarkness, they were the raise of hope! They were the hope of their better life and future! But with passing of a time, politicians changed the meaning of politics. Presentpolitics turned out to be a battle-"A Battle of throne". politicians today wants to be power to enjoy authority, Rule the people and collect loads of wealth.


  • Rituparna Sengupta
  • Seema Biswas
  • Prashant Narayanan
  • Aman Verma
  • Milind Gunaji
  • Arun Bakshi
  • Shishir Sharma
  • Kanan Malhotra
  • Anuradha Chandan
  • Abhay Bhargava

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