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Goofs from Pokémon Detective Pikachu

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  • Early in the film, Tim makes mention of Aipoms. In another scene, Pikachu says something about being attacked by Greninjas. The screenwriters of the film apparently didn't know that the plural form of a Pokemon is the same as the singular form; you don't need to put an "s" on the end of the species name to make it plural.
  • From the top floor of Howard Clifford's building, after Tim Goodman removes the transmitter from Clifford's head inducing Mewtwo and Pikachu's fall, Tim miraculously finds himself downstairs in a matter of seconds.
  • Tim Goodman doesn't realize that Pikachu has the same voice as his dad.
  • At the start of the movie, when we see Tim trying to catch the Cubone, he doesn't understand that the Pokemon is about to escape the ball, catching him off guard. But he really shouldn't have been surprised, since he once was a Pokemon Trainer, which was later revealed when we were shown to his room.
  • While in the bar, Tim attempts to pretend to be talking with someone on his phone so that people won't think he's crazy for talking to Pikachu whom only he can understand. At one point he sets his phone down to directly talk to Pikachu. In the next shot, the phone has completely disappeared from the counter.
  • The R gas would have to be lighter than air to lift the balloons yet when holes are poked in the balloons the gas falls toward the ground.
  • During a scene, Psyduck made a powerful Psychic move and stopped three Greninja, it is a mistake because in the game Greninja is a Water-Dark type so it is immune to Psychic moves.
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