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Goofs from Pokémon Detective Pikachu

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  • Early in the film, Tim makes mention of Aipoms. In another scene, Pikachu says something about being attacked by Greninjas. The screenwriters of the film apparently didn't know that the plural form of a Pokemon is the same as the singular form; you don't need to put an "s" on the end of the species name to make it plural.
  • From the top floor of Howard Clifford's building, after Tim Goodman removes the transmitter from Clifford's head inducing Mewtwo and Pikachu's fall, Tim miraculously finds himself downstairs in a matter of seconds.
  • During a scene, Psyduck made a powerful Psychic move and stopped three Greninja, it is a mistake because in the game Greninja is a Water-Dark type so it is immune to Psychic moves.
  • The Gyarados in the Pokemon battle depicted in the Rhyme City railway video was on the ground. Gyarados is a flying/ water type Pokemon and should've been in a state of levitation.
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