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  • This is the first film to feature Rajnikanth and Trisha Krishnan in the lead role, though the latter is active in the industry for 16 years.
  • This is the first film to feature Rajnikanth and Simran in the lead role though the latter was active in the industry for 26 years.
  • Karthick Subbaraj has reportedly mentioned he is a fan of Rajnikanth and has narrated the script 2-3 years ago. The script materialized in March 2018 and was set to release for Pongal 2019.
  • The fourth Tamil film of Rajinikanth that received UA certificate, and hat-trick film to receive this after 'Kaala' and '2.0'.
  • Director Karthick Subburaj and director PA. Ranjith where both in talks for collaborating with Ranjinikanth where PA. Ranjith won out and went on to make kabali and kaala before Rajinikanth and Director Karthick Subburaj collaborated on Petta.
  • Karthik Subbaraj's earlier movie Jigarthanda is also having 2hrs 51mins of duration.
  • This is the first Rajinikanth film since the 2002-released 'Baba' to feature the original 'Super Star Rajni' graphic title card, and the first since 1997's 'Arunachalam' to feature its original soundtrack accompanying it.
  • For the use of the Nunchaku in the brief training sequence and following hostel fight scene, Rajinikanth trained for 50 days prior to filming with the weapon, under the supervision of stunt master Peter Hein. Although this is not the first time Rajinikanth has used a Nunchaku onscreen, it is his first as a character with training in using it.
  • Rajinikanth briefly smokes onscreen for the first time since the 2002-released 'Baba'. After flicking it in his mouth in his trademark style and taking one long puff, he says how it is unhealthy and that he's saying this out of experience, referring to his own real-life health issue in 2011 as a consequence of smoking cessation. It is also his first film since 2008's 'Kuselan' to have him flick his sunglasses on in his trademark style.
  • The image or presence of a cobra often serves as a lucky mascot in Rajinikanth's films. Despite this film being replete with nods to the Super Star's career and persona, no such standout depiction of this mascot is made, although there are at least two nods to it: Kaali (Rajinikanth) teasing his hostel colleague by shouting "Paambu paambu!" (Snake! Snake!) on a couple of occasions, and Jithu (Vijay Sethupathi) wearing piece of jewelry with a cobra design. In the deleted song sequence called 'Thappad Maara', Jithu is also shown doing a cobra-themed dance.
  • Since 'Kabali', it has become a trend to feature sound bytes of Rajinikanth's dialogues from his films in at least one song of their respective soundtracks. 'Petta' has 3 tracks featuring Rajini's voice in them, the highest for any of his films. The tracks are "Marana Mass", "Petta Theme" and "Petta Paraak".
  • Sony Music has bagged the audio rights of the Rajinikanth starrer 'Petta'.
  • Petta has become the third highest-grossing Tamil movie ever in the USA after it hit the $2 million mark and crossed the Enthiran's total of $2.4 million.
  • With the $2.4 million running total for Petta, Rajinikanth has also become the only south Indian actor to have four $2 million grossers.
  • The number on Petta's prison shirt is 165, a nod to the fact that this is Rajinikanth's 165th film.
  • The plot of this film is modeled after one of Rajinikanth's career-defining blockbusters, 'Baasha'. Several nods are made to that film as well, including naming one of the important characters Anwar, a couple of dialogues such as "Ullae Po!" (Go inside!), Rajinikanth's shadow or silhouette in a couple of scenes, and some iconic shot being replicated.


  • This is the second collaboration between stars Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha after their successful outing in '96', though they do not share any screen space in this movie
  • In the 'river sand' smuggling scene the sand being shown is in reality m-sand deferentiated by its ash colour and not river sand. The filmmakers may have had to abstain from using real river sand due to strict laws banning sumggling of river sand.
  • Actress Malavika Mohanan and actor Sananth play the mother-son duo, but in reality, Sananth is 2 years older at 27 yrs old to Malavika's age 25.
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