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Quotes from Peter Rabbit

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    • Benjamin Bunny: I'm still so out of shape.
    • Peter Rabbit: How's it working with the putting the dressing on the side?
    • Benjamin Bunny: Good. But, I don't understand why it's healthier to drink it all at once.
    • [Strangling Peter]
    • Thomas McGregor: I've chilled out, man. I'm cool now.
    • Thomas McGregor: I'm allergic to blackberries.
    • [looking down from glass roof of conservatory]
    • Peter Rabbit: *Allergic* to *blackberries*? Is that even a thing? Is that where we've gone to? I mean, suddenly *everyone* is allergic to *everything*!
    • [yelling at Thomas]
    • Peter Rabbit: Stop using it as a crutch!
    • Benjamin Bunny: You know, some people do have legitimate medical conditions.
    • Peter Rabbit: Of course, of course, it's a real struggle, my heart goes out to them, it's very tough, very sad, I don't want to get any letters
    • [looks at camera]
    • Peter Rabbit: But THIS guy, come on!
    • Bea: What do you miss most about the store? And don't say having everything in its proper place. I get it. You have control issues.
    • Thomas McGregor: I miss being helpful. A parent or grandparent comes into this shop looking for a gift for the child they love. I ask a few simple questions and know exactly what they need. I love helping people get what they want.
    • [pause]
    • Thomas McGregor: Especially when they don't even know that they want it. Those are the best.
    • Peter Rabbit: He's in a better place now.
    • [watches the ambulance drive away]
    • Peter Rabbit: The ice cream truck, with the flashing lights.
    • Pigling Bland: Diet starts now...
    • [he grabs and eats a fruit]
    • Pigling Bland: Now...
    • [he grabs and eats another one]
    • Pigling Bland: Now!
    • Cotton-Tail: That'll do pig. That'll do.
    • The Narrator: Thats not the story we're telling. No. We 're here for Peter Rabbit. The hero of our tale. A young rabbit in a blue coat and no pants.
    • Thomas McGregor: You're promoting a flagrantly unqualified half-wit to a position of immense importance, based purely on nepotism.
    • General Manager: This is Great Britain. It's practically written in our charter.
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