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    • [from trailer]
    • Louis Creed: GAGE!
    • [from trailer]
    • Jud Crandall: Sometimes, dead is better.
    • Louis Creed: Hug your daughter.
    • Jud Crandall: She won't come back the same.
    • Ellie: Am I dead?
    • Jud Crandall: They said the ground was... bad.
    • Louis Creed: Sour. They said the ground was sour.
    • Jud Crandall: ...yes.
    • Rachel: How long have you lived here?
    • Jud Crandall: In Maine or in that old house?
    • Rachel: Either.
    • Jud Crandall: Well, the answer to both is all my life.
    • Ellie: His name's Church. It's short for Winston Churchill. He's someone who lived a really long time ago.
    • Jud Crandall: I know who Winston Churchill is.
    • Ellie: Wow. You must be really old.
    • Victor Pascow: I'm sorry Louis! I'm so sorry, but don't make it worse! DON'T!
    • Louis Creed: I waited too long with Cage, but with Rachel! It will work this time, because she just died, SHE JUST DIED A LITTLE WHILE AGO! bcarruthers-76500
    • Ellie: So many trees.
    • Rachel: It's beautiful, right?
    • Louis Creed: It's definately not Boston.
    • Rachel: In the woods today, Ellie discovered a charming little landmark.
    • Ellie: The Pet Sematary.
    • Louis Creed: A place to bury our pets and remember them. I know it seems scary, but it's not. Perfectly natural, just like dying is natural.
    • Jud Crandall: It's not some campfire story.
    • [referring to the symbols on the trees from the drawing in the book]
    • Louis Creed: I saw these on the trees up there.
    • Jud Crandall: They're warnings. The local tribes carved them before they fled. They fear that place. There's something up there, something that dates way back.
    • Jud Crandall: It was a myth. Kids used to dare each other to go into the woods at night. They knew the power of that place. They feared it. Those woods belong to something else. The ground is bad. It maybe just some crazy folktale, but there is something up in those woods, something that brings things back. Sometimes dead is better.
    • [as they arrive at their new home]
    • Louis Creed: Here we go. Ok, so what do you think?
    • Ellie: Wow! This place is ours?
    • Louis Creed: I even got them to throw in a whole forest as a new backyard.
    • [to Louis]
    • Rachel: Don't... bury... me in that place...
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