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  • During Louis's first trip to the burial ground, some lightning is seen near the horizon. Thunder follows about a second later. The lightning appears miles distant, and the thunder would have taken much longer to reach Louis's location.
  • The single solid yellow line road marking is not used in the USA, but it is used in Canada, where the movie was filmed.
  • When Ellie begins climbing the barrier in the "pet sematary", she accidentally kicks what appears to be a hornets nest, and is stung on the leg. Judd appears and immediately removes the stinger, and applies a dab of mud as first aid. Hornets do not leave their stingers behind when they sting. Only bees do this.
  • For the Halloween scenes, the outside foliage is seen clearly in full green, spring bloom, this would not be the case for late October (Autumn) in Maine/New England.


  • When the tanker truck swerved to avoid Gage the trailer becomes detached from the tractor which leads to the tragic death. In real life this would not have happened, and the whole truck unit would have simply crashed into the ditch.
  • When Louis exhumes his child and carries the body to the burial ground, the body's limbs hang loosely and sway as Louis carries the corpse in his arms. A recently embalmed body would be hardened with formaldehyde with the limbs stiff and locked into position.
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