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Paris, 13th District

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Émilie meets Camille who is attracted to Nora, who crosses paths with Amber. Three girls and a boy - they're friends, sometimes lovers and often both.


  • Lucie Zhang
  • Makita Samba
  • Noémie Merlant
  • Jehnny Beth
  • Camille Léon-Fucien
  • Oceane Cairaty
  • Anaïde Rozam
  • Pol White
  • Rong-Ying Yang
  • Geneviève Doang

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Apr 14, 2022

Audiard may know and understand something about romantic entanglements, family commitments, and professional lives. But by centering his characters’ desire and pleasure, and then filming these aspects of their lives with smarmy smugness, he sacrifices the realm of knowledge in yielding to fantasy.

Richard Brody
The New Yorker
Apr 14, 2022

The subtle trick of Paris, 13th District, is that it plays like a romantic dramedy, but it really is more like a series of character studies of these young people whose lives just so happen to intersect.

Karen Gordon
Jul 15, 2021

It’s not judgy or lecturing, and there’s nothing too didactic here – and maybe not a lot to linger over either. But if you’re looking for a couple of hours of sexy Parisians hooking up, falling out and finding their feet again, all set to pulsing electro and with a baked-in romanticism that makes a built-up corner of Paris feel like Casablanca, Audiard and his co-writers have made the perfect film.

Phil de Semlyen
Time Out