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Trivia for Parey Hut Love

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  • Mahira Khan is doing an extended cameo in the movie.
  • Mahira Khan was supposed to do the lead role.
  • Mahira Khan was ill during the shooting of Morey Saiyyan song.
  • The movie is inspired from Four Weddings and a Funeral.
  • Maya Ali replaced Mahira Khan in the movie.
  • Every song for Parey Hut Love took at-least 5 days to shoot.
  • Maya Ali lost a lot of weight for her role.
  • This is Shehreyar Munawar's second film with Asim Raza.
  • The costumes in this movie were very expensive.
  • Mahira Khan wears a 100 yard dress in her song.
  • This is Maya Ali's second movie.
  • Maya Ali is playing an expat for the second time in a movie.
  • Maya ali looking too gorgeous like never before
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