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    • Prashant Sachdeva: You know your mother since seven years, But, I know her for 10. You know her as she is now. I've known her of how she was back then.
    • Aditya 'Aadi': How old is mummy?
    • Prashant Sachdeva: Why?
    • Aditya 'Aadi': Tell me.
    • Prashant Sachdeva: Eat.
    • Prashant Sachdeva: Thirty two.
    • Aditya 'Aadi': Can't a player make a comeback at 32?
    • Aditya 'Aadi': A little support from you and mummy would've still been playing.
    • Prashant Sachdeva: Why are you making me feel guilty?
    • Aditya 'Aadi': Children are God-like. We never lie. You've sinned.
    • Jaya Nigam Sachdeva: I'm a mother and a mother cannot dream. They neither have meaning nor any value.If I tell my family that they'll have to do the dishes, cook... watch their reaction. All big talk about women empowerment, mummy's dreams, kabaddi, will all vanish.
    • Nisha Daas: When the journey's long and you're strapped for time, you need a double engine.
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