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    • Salvador Mallo: The nights that coincide several pains, those nights I believe in God and I pray to him. The days when I only suffer a type of pain I'm an atheist.
    • Salvador Mallo: Alberto, gossip ages, like people.
    • Salvador Mallo: Writing is like drawing but with letters.
    • Salvador Mallo: Life disgusts me like a useless medicine. And it is then when I feel with clear visions how easy it would be to get away from this tedium if I had the simple strength of wanting to really push him away.
    • Federico Delgado: Love is not enough to save the person you love.
    • Salvador Mallo: This time I will not fail you, mom.
    • Alberto Crespo: You forget I'm an actor... and I suffer very well.
    • Alberto Crespo: It took a lot of work to borrow this jacket!
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