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  • There is a shot of a license plate in the movie that reads "Jay Austin Motors". Jay Austin Motors is the name of the car dealership Alex Kendrick's character owns in the first Kendricks Brothers movie, Flywheel.
  • The character "John Harrison" (Alex Kendrick) handling the "bricks" stone after feeling rejected symbolizes the girl, the father and himself. "Rejected" stones which become cornerstones. Psalm 118: 22.
  • The resolution that the men signed in Courageous (2011) can be seen framed and hanging on the wall in the Harrison home when Barbara comes to visit.
  • The director (Alex Kendrick) also plays the lead role, John Harrison.
  • The opening was filmed by a drone in one long shot which began about half a mile away from the building. Near the end when it flew down to the court, it had to be caught by a crew member who then held it like a normal camera for the remainder of the scene. Some computer modifications were made including the addition of the team banners and the small window that the drone flies through (the real window was significantly larger). The Kendrick's considered this to be the greatest opening scene in any of their movies. Many other brief clips throughout the film were also taken by drone.
  • The Pastor at the funeral scene is a real minister named Reggie Williams. He was contacted the day before filming to see if he could come do it. Interestingly, though he had not been contacted before then, he had been told that he would be in a movie. In a brief interview with Stephen Kendrick the day of filming, they explained what happened: Stephen: I needed a minister part that we had just added to the script for the funeral scene, so I contacted him yesterday, never met him before, he let me know last night he was available today and then he tells me something that kind of blew my mind, tell them what happened. Reggie: So every Sunday my son in law, after every second service he prays for me. Well about 6 to 8 weeks ago he said that I was going to be in a movie, and I thought "that's just my son in law talking", but GOD knew. Stephen: Just like GOD. Reggie: yes just like GOD.
  • The scene where John and Amy fight ended up being filmed out of order. The weather forecast called for rain, so they decided to film the make up scene first while it was still sunny out. Later in the day, after the rain had stopped, while it was still a bit cloudy is when they filmed the fight scene.
  • The movie was filmed in 32 days. While filming the big championship race, one day filming had to be cancelled due to rain. They ended up retreating to a nearby gymnasium where they had a basketball tournament with the cast and crew. The next day was very hot, but they had to make up for lost time. Usually they try to do 5 or 6 scenes per day. That day they had to film 11 scenes which seemed impossible and would require 54 setups, but they got together as a team and prayed about it, and they did succeed. This was a new record for them. When talking about the event, Stephen Kendrick said: "We Started the morning as a team looking at scripture, what God does to do the impossible and he did it."
  • Cameron Arnett who played Thomas hill is not really blind. But while filming scenes, he wore contact lenses to obscure his vision some.
  • Numerous artifacts from the Kendrick Brothers previous films can be seen in Ethan's room, including "Coney Bomb's Cereal" and the flywheel that was seen in the opening credits of their first film Flywheel (2003). Also related to this film is the "Jay Austin Motors" license plate which has been seen on at least one vehicle on all their movies since then (Including John's van earlier in this film). Another minor reference is the time of the clock on the wall: 7:14, which was the same time shown on Tony's clock in their previous movie War Room (2015) which was a reference to that movies verse: 2 Chronicles 7:14.
  • Some of runners in the film really are cross country champions, including Diamond Morgan (Gena Mills) who really has won multiple state championships. Aryn Wright-Thompson (Hannah) however was not actually a runner. The distance she ran while filming was not measured, but Alex figured she probably ran about 50 miles. She eventually needed shin splints and often had a stunt double. One day, while filming the second race, she stepped into a groove and hyperextended her knee and fell to the ground. But she fully recovered. The other parts of this race with her were filmed at a later date. After filming was completed, she didn't want to run anymore.
  • The character Will Harrison was played by Alex Kendrick's (John's) real son Caleb. He and numerous other son's and daughter's of the Kendrick brothers have been seen in their films, but normally just for a few seconds. This was the first time that one of them has played a significant character. As with the rest of the cast, he did have to audition.
  • The houses in the outdoor scenes were real, but many of the indoor scenes were filmed in sets that were constructed specifically for the film, including the house interiors and hospital rooms. The walls and furniture in these rooms looked real, but were actually designed to be moved in sections like Lego blocks so that the camera's and other equipment could be placed wherever necessary. This was the first film by the Kendrick brothers in which major sets were constructed. In their previous films, nearly all indoor scenes were filmed in existing buildings. When talking about the sets, Alex said "For us it's kind of like Christmas because we've built small sets before, but never something as grand as this." They were located in a warehouse that's now known as "Flat Rock Studios". This was their first film.
  • A cross country coach was a fitting role for Alex Kendrick in that he has helped to coach his kids, all six of which have won cross country championships, many of whom can be seen running in the movie, including his daughters Anna and Joy who can be seen as numbers 33 and 35 in the first race.
  • Many of the course flags seen in the final race were digitally added.
  • The real name of the Brookshire school is Brookstone, so only a few letters had to be changed, and the school's logos could still be used.
  • When filming the basketball game where they just barely lose, on the first take or two, Ethan (Jack Sterner) actually made the basket from half court that he was supposed to miss.
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