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Out of the Blue (1980)

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A young girl whose father is an ex-convict and whose mother is a junkie finds it difficult to conform and tries to find comfort in a quirky combination of Elvis and the punk scene.


  • Linda Manz
  • Dennis Hopper
  • Sharon Farrell
  • Don Gordon
  • Raymond Burr
  • Leon Ericksen
  • Fiona Brody
  • David L. Crowley
  • Joan Hoffman
  • Carl Nelson

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Hopper keeps things light and off-the-cuff, allowing his performers free rein - sometimes too much, as in the case of the screechy and shrill Farrell - to explore grim territory without falling into heavy-handedness.

Keith Uhlich
Time Out

For orchestrating lurid goonishness, Hopper can't be beat.

Metacritic review by J. Hoberman
J. Hoberman
Village Voice

The final fifteen minutes are some of the most grueling ever put to screen.

Metacritic review by Mitchell Beaupre
Mitchell Beaupre
The Film Stage