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  • In the plants.
  • When Karen Blixen is about to shoot the lion, blood is on the right side of her mouth, from biting her lip. Afterwards, when Denys wipes her mouth, the blood is on the left side.
  • The number of pieces of fruit on the plate changes between shots.
  • The drummer at the New Years Eve party uses contemporary nylon-tipped sticks.
  • When Karen undresses Denys in her bedroom, she unties his tie twice.
  • When Berkley talks to Denys about his disease, his shawl keeps changing positions on his shoulder.
  • When arriving in his new plane, Denys hands Karen Blixen his goggles twice. The goggles subsequently reappear and disappear several times.
  • Karen Blixen's champagne glass is empty when she slaps a rude man at the New Year's Eve party. Denys takes her arm and pulls her immediately onto the dance floor. When they dance, her glass has champagne in it.
  • When Denys Finch Hatton brings a record player to Karen Blixen's home, he lowers his hand and the sound volume decreases. Volume was set at recording time, not at playback.
  • Denys's hair often changes in the middle of scenes. It's most noticeable during the New Years ball.
  • Karen offers the tribal chief a box of cigars made by the La Paz factory, in the Netherlands. That factory started exporting cigars in the 1960s.
  • At Karen and Denys's first safari dinner, Denys's fruit is partially peeled, then completely unpeeled, then fully peeled in different shots during their conversation.
  • The double-lever, rack-and-pinion "Wing" corkscrew has its origins in H.S. Heely's 1888 British patent on a corkscrew he called the A1 Heeley Double Lever. A version of the corkscrew reached the United States in 1930, but it was widespread in Europe before that.
  • During the lion attack scene, Denys pulls an additional 2 spare cartridges from his belt as a ready reload. However he carries them with his right hand, his trigger hand, and also the hand needed to break the action to reload. No experienced double-gun hunter would do this. The 2 reload cartridges must be carried in the left hand, leaving the right hand free to manipulate the rifle.
  • When Karen is trying to place a price tag on her clock, she stops and takes a break to talk to Denys without actually having placed the tag yet. However, in the next shot showing the clock it suddenly has the price tag.
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