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  • Received 17 votes on 2014's Blacklist competition, which ranks the best unproduced scripts of that year.
  • Natalie Portman was attached to star as Ruth Bader Ginsburg for at least 4 years as the project was stuck in development. She eventually dropped out and was replaced by Felicity Jones.
  • Although she plays their daughter, Cailee Spaeny is only 13 years younger than Felicity Jones and 11 years younger than Armie Hammer.
  • The film received the third annual San Francisco Film Honors award,presented on November 10th, 2018.
  • The first case covered in Ginsburg's contracts class when she was a student at Harvard Law School was Hawkins v. McGee (1943). This was also the first case covered in the contracts class in The Paper Chase (1973), also set at Harvard Law School.
  • The French title for the film is "Une Femme d'Exception" which translates to "An Exceptional Woman"
  • Following an argument between Jane and Ruth, Jane retreats to her room and cranks up her stereo. Martin goes in to her room to comfort her, turns down the stereo, and tells her how Ruth grew up being taught to question everything. The song Jane was playing was "Question" by The Moody Blues.
  • The score for the opening scene, with RBG entering her first Harvard Law class amid a sea of men, is the most popular Harvard fight song: "Ten Thousand Men of Harvard".
  • Clearly an attempt to make her likely replacement a central issue in the 2020 Presidential race.
  • Ruth and Jane argue about the ethics of not charging Arthur "Boo" Radley with murder in To Kill a Mockingbird. Mimi Leder's previous film, Deep Impact (1998), featured Robert Duvall, who played Radley in the film.
  • Daniel Stiepleman - the writer of the film - is Ruth Bader Ginsburg's nephew.
  • Armie Hammer's wife has expressed great frustration over the film not being recognized in 2019's awards season, naming both her husband and Felicity Jones' as excellent performances.
  • Cameo: Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes an appearance at the end of the movie.


  • At the end they say that 3 people voted against Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the Supreme Court. One of the men was North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms who was a conservative republican.
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