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  • During the auction, when Curly makes the highest bid, Aunt Eller bangs the gavel SO hard that it breaks, to much laughter. It is fully intact in the next shot.
  • When Jud wakes Laurey from her dream sequence, to tell her it's time to go to the party, night has fallen and it's dark. She goes inside to change. In the next scene, they're heading off to the party with everyone else, in broad daylight.
  • At the train station, Will Parker gets off the train and gives Aunt Eller a white box of something. Aunt Eller sits down on a bench and the camera shows her from the back, looking at Will. He says something like "let me show you guys something", to his other cowboy friends and starts to walk toward them. Aunt Eller puts the white box on the bench to her left and starts to stand up. In the shot immediately following, now showing the front of Aunt Eller, she puts the white box to her left and stands up again in the exact same way she did before.
  • There are no mountains visible near Catoosa.
  • In the early scenes at Aunt Eller's, the corn disappears and reappears between shots.
  • When Laurey is singing "Many a New Day" in the bedroom, she puts her arms above her head. When she turns she is still singing but her mouth doesn't move.
  • In the beginning of the song "Oklahoma!" there's what appear to be a camera and camera operator shadow on Curly and Laurey as they sing "Brand New State."
  • When Will Parker is giving Ado Annie the "Oklahoma Hello," you can see a camera shadow as it pushes in on their kiss.
  • Laurie greets the female dancers on the porch in one shot and in the next shot they are shown just getting out of their buggies and carriages.
  • When Laurie walks into her house when the crowd arrives before going to the Skidmore party, she hears the two girls talking about Curley. One girl's hair is in a long ponytail. The camera pans around the room, and when it goes back to Laurie and the two girls, the girl's hair is no longer in a ponytail.
  • In the final "Oklahoma!" scene, everyone is gathered round outside Aunt Eller's house,with Curley and Laurie singing. Will Parker and Ado Annie slip in at the back but then they suddenly disappear and nobody notices.
  • When the words "The End" appear a square section of the sky/clouds directly behind "The" suddenly moves upward. However, It is fixed in the Blu-ray release.
  • In the opening scene, the house set is on flat ground with trees in the yard. In the closing shots, the house is up on a hill with no trees.
  • During the auction scene, when Aunt Eller forcefully slams the gavel on Curly's high bid, the hammer breaks, and the head launches towards the camera, almost hitting the lens.
  • When Curley and Laurey are singing "People will say we're in love," the view moves back and forth from the pair standing underneath the peach tree to standing a few feet away from the tree. The change in the shot appears intentional; however, the place where the actors stand whilst singing changes noticeably.
  • When everybody stops by Aunt Eller's on the way to Skidmore's party. she invites the ladies to come in and freshen up. The Goon girls are among the first to be greeted by Laurey. When Aunt Eller asks Curley if he is going to water his horses too, The Goon girls can be seen behind Curley; in the next shot, they are back on the porch again.
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