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  • When Josh gets off the train, people are waiting to & get onto it. The train's destination sign in the window of the train says "Not in Service". The CTA would not let passengers get onto an El that's "Not in Service" .
  • There is a great deal of noise and destruction coming from the party, including the scene where an object is thrown out of the window and lands near Carol. In a city as large as Chicago, there is zero chance the police would not have been called.
  • The board of Zenotek would almost-certainly take into consideration the destruction to the office and the cost of repairing all of it before they allowed Carol to become CEO permanently.
  • The rear-view mirror has been removed from the Mitsubishi.
  • Nate can be seen on the side of the dance floor during Jeremy and Mary's dance-off however he's out getting money from bank machines. A few minutes later, he comes running in with money in his hand, looking for his date.
  • If Tracey's innovation that combines internet WiFi with wired connections actually worked they would all have most likely gone to jail for what would be perceived as a proof of concept publicity stunt as they would have no way of proving that the knocking out of Chicago's internet hub was not intentional.
  • Mary mentions a Rite Aid parking lot across from the office building. There are currently no Rite Aid drug stores in Chicago.
  • When Clay is talking with Trina, there is a woman sitting to the left of him. She disappears just a few shots later.
  • During the "when I say 'Zeno', you say 'Tek'" rap, Walter is on the stage with Clay, except for one shot where Walter is in the audience pit.
  • Clay's joint as he talks with Trina lengthens and shortens between shots.
  • Trina's car has neon under-glow lights. Illinois law restricts vehicles from having additional lighting which is not specified in the Vehicle Code.
  • During the "when I say 'H', you say 'R" rap, Walter is on the stage with Clay, then disappears in one shot, then is back on stage in the next shot.
  • Mary's dress is topped by a turtleneck, yet she removes the turtleneck portion as she crosses the street to the Russian club, and it becomes a "scarf".
  • Clay, Josh, and Tracey pitch Walter at The Warrington Hotel. The film is set in Chicago. The Warrington Hotel is located in London, England.
  • During the "when I say 'Zeno', you say 'Tek'" rap, the Santa hat Walter holds moves from his left hand to his right hand between shots.
  • When Josh and Tracey go to the roof, the sound of the door closing behind them isn't heard.
  • During the "when I say 'H', you say 'R" rap, Walter is holding a cup with his right hand in one shot, then a Santa hat in another shot, then the cup in the right hand, and the Santa hat in his left hand.
  • During the "when I say 'Zeno', you say 'Tek'" rap, Walter twirls the Santa hat with his right hand between shots, then takes the microphone from Clay with his right hand.
  • When we first see the Clark Street Bridge, a railroad crossing gate is coming down. As Josh and Clay speed toward the Bridge, the crossing gate is gone. After the Kia comes to a stop at the foot of the Bridge, the crossing gate is seen in a wide shot.
  • Nate tells Josh the address of the Russian Club is "92765 Union Street". Chicago has a Union Avenue, but not a Union Street.
  • After Carol makes Josh swerve Mary's Kia into Trina's car, she disappears in the exterior shots of the Kia spinning out of control until the Kia comes to a stop, then you can see Jennifer Aniston's stunt double in the back seat with her back to the camera.
  • When they are launching the protocol to get the Anywair internet up, the goggles that Joel (aka DJ Calvis) wears go back and forth from covering his eyes to being on his forehead several times between shots.
  • During the "when I say 'H', you say 'R" rap, Walter's red cup disappears and reappears between shots.
  • Carol holds onto the interior sliding door handle of the Kia's with her left hand as she yells at Clay to pull over. When we cut to Josh asking her to be "more supportive", Carol's left hand is on Tracey's head rest briefly.
  • Walter takes Clay's microphone to announce that he wants to work with Zenotek. A couple of shots later, Clay is holding the microphone.
  • At the hospital, Mary tells Carol that they need to exchange auto insurance information. It would actually be Trina who would need exchange auto insurance information with Mary, as it was her car that Mary's car hit.
  • Outside the hospital entrance, the doctor hands Clay the cash Clay taped onto himself. In real life, the money would have been given to the nursing staff to be secured in a valuables envelope and locked in the hospital safe. Clay would then have been given a receipt so that he could claim the money upon discharge.
  • Carol's right arm as she yells at Clay to pull over.
  • There is no blood on Clay's face after he crashes the car, but there is blood on his face as he is wheeled into the ER.
  • Walter is wearing his coat as he leaves Josh at the eggnog luge, but has the coat folded over his arm when he's with Mary moments later.
  • Alexei has Nate by the throat when Nate demands his money back, but when Savannah points Clay out to Trina moments later, Alexei's hand is on Nate's upper-left arm.
  • When the gang in Mary's SUV notices the commotion outside the Russian club, the victim is being beaten to the right of the bouncer. When we cut back from Mary's SUV, the victim is finished off to the left of the bouncer.
  • Allison is outside Clay's office as he and Josh confront Carol. She then confronts Clay and Josh at the bottom of the stairs, yet we don't see her go down the stairs before they do.
  • "Jesus" and the other people who get into the elevator with Josh are clearly not Zenotek employees. How did they learn of the party, why did Carla and her security team allow them through the turnstiles (which have been set up for access control), and why didn't Josh confront them? These are clearly hired actors for the party's Nativity scene, similar to Clay purchasing reindeer and hiring a baby.
  • Josh has a wool cap on when he walks with Clay, but the cap is gone when they are in the department store.
  • Joel wears an employee ID badge, but none of his co-workers do.
  • When Carol confronts Josh and Clay in Clay's office after the meeting, she picks up a notebook with the layoffs list she has made. But when we cut to Josh or Clay for their reactions to Carol's demands, we can see the left-hand corner page of Carol's notebook is black; there isn't a list.
  • Obvious stand-in for Jennifer Aniston in the shots where we cut to Josh or Clay or Tracey for their reactions to what Carol tells them (first time in Clay's office after the meeting; second time in Josh's apartment; third time during the party).
  • The bridges over the Chicago River don't go up at a certain point every single night, especially not in winter. They go up occasionally during the warmer months but not on a daily schedule in the winter when there aren't large boats trying to travel underneath.
  • When Josh (Jason Bateman) greets Walter Davis (Courtney Vance) at the party and informs him that Jimmy Butler will be appearing soon, Walter, unimpressed, replies that he is a Cavs fan, to which Josh replies sarcastically, "there's a good team." In fact, in 2016 - a few months prior to the party - the Chicago Bulls finished out of the NBA playoffs, while the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship.
  • When Clay and Josh are racing Trina's car and Mary's Kia towards the Clark Street Bridge they are driving north through the Loop. In that area, Clark is a one way street heading south only.


  • Given the party noise, the partiers chanting "Do it!" at him, and the distance between him and Clay and Josh, it would have been impossible for Walter to hear them warn him to not use the party lights to swing from the second-floor railing.
  • We are told that Walter owns his company, yet he tells Clay, Tracey, and Josh at the pitch that his company won't pay for his breakfasts any longer, then Mary tells the gang later that Walter has been fired.
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