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  • When the first look poster of NGK is revealed, lot of people said the design is inspired from the stills Che Guevara.
  • The movie was wished ti release on Diwali. But due to the need if minor surgery for the film director selvaragavan the date was shifted to another day.
  • A massive setup of the Ambasamudiram town is being recreated at an enormous cost of 3 crores by the Suriya 36 team which consists of 220 members who are involved in creating it.
  • The recreated set of the Ambasamudiram town is being utilized for the shooting of Suriya 36 for a period of 20 days.
  • The announcement of Suriya 36 first look, will happen on March 5 for the occasion of the director's birthday.
  • Selvaraghavan's Comeback Project After 6 Years.
  • NGK was the first Tamil film to be released in South Korea and Japan.


  • Many people have speculated whether NGK has turned evil towards the end of the film due to his political ambitions. Some scenes in the film support this theory, such as: *The scene where NGK asks Vanathi to arrange a meeting with the corporate companies (suggesting that NGK wants to join the enemies he once hated) *The scene where NGK rehearses his speech. He tells Giri to never call him "brother" again. This suggests that NGK has turned from a selfless person caring the people to a selfish politician caring about only himself. *Before he leaves for the event, he asks his parents to look at him one last time (suggesting that he knows that they will die because he planned it in the first place so that he could gain sympathy from the voters) *The film is narrated by NGK during an interview. This suggests that he is lying about certain events to make him appear as the good guy.
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