My Twentieth Century

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Separated identical twins ride an Orient Express unaware of each other: a feminist anarchist and a hedonistic courtesan, living under the powder-keg Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Separate families adopted the impoverished orphans. At the dawn of the 20th Century the double-blind experiment hits crescendo for Dora & Lili, born the evening Edison unveiled his incandescent bulb. In 1900, technology was accelerating, could women's rights and national self-determination keep pace?


  • Dorota Segda
  • Oleg Yankovskiy
  • Paulus Manker
  • Péter Andorai
  • Gábor Máté
  • Gyula Kéry
  • Andrej Schwartz
  • Sándor Téri
  • Sándor Czvetkó
  • Endre Koronczi

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