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  • Even though the film takes place in 1972, you can see cars that are from the 1980s visible in the background.
  • In the scene when Thomas J is stung by the bees, it was a hornets nest on the ground he kicked but it was clearly honey bees that came out of the hive.
  • The hook falls out of fish's mouth twice.
  • Vada's teddy bear disappears after her father places it on her pillow.
  • Harry tells Shelly that he was a popular date in high school because he did "a killer frug." This can't be because the frug was a dance popular in the mid-1960s. The movie takes place in 1972, when Vada is 11. That means she was born in 1961. Her mother died two days after she was born. So Harry was not in high school when the frug was popular.
  • Vada is in her bed talking to her father and he puts a stuffed animal next to her. In the next scene the stuffed animal disappears.
  • When Harry Sultenfuss meets Thomas J's mother at the end of the movie, two girls behind them keep changing their places.
  • The setting is supposed to be a town in Pennsylvania but there's a palm tree down the street from the funeral home.
  • When Harry is getting dressed for his date with Shelly, his brother comes into the room and messes up his hair. Harry tries to straighten it out, but you can still see it sticking up all over. In the very next shot you can see the hair is perfectly combed as if nothing happened.
  • The missing bike streamer changes sides.
  • At the bingo hall, the announcer calls B-39, but a few minutes later, the bingo board is shown and B-39 is not lit up.
  • Vada owns a mood ring. The movie takes place in 1972 but mood rings weren't invented until 1975.
  • When Shelly first meets Vada in the house during their conversation Shelly's hair alternates from straight to wavy throughout the scene.
  • When Vada and Thomas J. are running away from the bees, Thomas J. says, "Run faster! They're after us!" and Vada responds, "I am running faster!" However, if one watches the scene in slow-motion, it is clear that neither of their lips are moving as they say their lines.
  • Although not listed on the Blu-ray box, the theatrical trailer is included as a special feature.
  • When Vada bounces her ball along the hall, it only makes the sound of a ball hitting a hard surface, despite landing on a thick woven wool rug at least half of the times she bounces it.
  • At the bingo hall, the announcer calls B-39. The Bs in Bingo only go to 15 and the 39 would be an N instead of B.
  • The film is set in 1972, but in the fairground, the Pirate Ship ride that is shown wasn't invented until 1978.


  • When Thomas J. is lying dead in the casket during his funeral, it clearly shows that Thomas J. is breathing.
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