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On a remote island along Croatia's Adriatic coast, 17-year-old Julija spends her days diving for eel with her domineering father Ante and watching other teens party on a nearby yacht. Julija bristles at Ante's heavy handed cruelty and resents her mother Nela's passivity. She longs for independence but is unsure how to achieve it, until the arrival of the rich and mysterious Javier seems to offer a way out. Javier is considering buying Ante's land to build a resort, which would allow the family to escape their island isolation for the city. Once Ante's employer and Nela's lover, Javier flirts shamelessly with Nela and Julija, setting off a subtle battle of hypermasculine one-upmanship that pushes Ante to humiliate and control Julija even more. Flattered by Javier's praise and stories of traveling the world, Julija sees him as the solution to all her problems. But does his affection portend freedom, or something more sinister?


  • Gracija Filipovic
  • Danica Curcic
  • Leon Lucev
  • Cliff Curtis
  • Jonas Smulders
  • Niksa Butijer
  • Mislav Cavajda
  • Klara Mucci
  • Marina Redzepovic
  • Milan Strljic

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Jul 8, 2022

Murina is a slow burn of a movie, one that doesn’t end in a detonation but with an enigma. Nevertheless, it’s one of the more coherent and satisfying narrative releases of the year.

Metacritic review by Glenn Kenny
Glenn Kenny
Apr 6, 2022

Showing how paradise can be hell, this audiovisual treat is spiritedly played by its leads and bristles with a brooding menace that can't quite disguise the story's essentially melodramatic nature.

Metacritic review by David Parkinson
David Parkinson
Sep 13, 2021

A murky, vaguely sinister, but ultimately dreary coming-of-age film about a young woman’s blossoming sexuality under the spell of her mother’s old flame.

Ryan Lattanzio