Munich: The Edge of War

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A British diplomat travels to Munich in the run-up to World War II, where a former classmate of his from Oxford is also en route, but is working for the German government.


  • Raphael Sowole

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Jan 21, 2022

A film that doesn’t quite know whether it wants to educate its audience or give it a thrill ride. It proves more interesting for the former elements than the latter, but it nonetheless delivers plenty of compelling moments along the way.

Metacritic review by Frank Scheck
Frank Scheck
The Hollywood Reporter
Jan 6, 2022

An enjoyable World War II spy flick, Munich: The Edge Of War scores with strong performances and filmmaking craft, but is let down by a lack of dramatic heft. A Father’s Day watch in waiting.

Metacritic review by Ian Freer
Ian Freer
Jan 6, 2022

There’s something deeply moving, almost tragic, about a good man being slowly enveloped by the dark times around him. Munich captures it nicely.

Phil de Semlyen
Time Out