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  • A camera shadow appears on Brian the first time people chase him, thinking he's the messiah.
  • When the crowd of people following Brian claim he is performing miracles, a blind man says he is healed. A stunt mat is visible when he falls into the hole.
  • When Brian's mother buys rocks for the stoning, the boom mic is visible at the top of the screen, swinging from side to side.
  • When Brian falls off the balcony and knocks the prophet into a large jar, he is clearly hanging on a bar with his hands.
  • The number of Roman guards searching the PFJ headquarters changes as they enter and leave the house.
  • When the Suicide Squad arrives during the crucifixion scene, Otto's first line is clearly dubbed. An earlier scene featuring the Suicide Squad was cut, so Michael Palin needed a different line to introduce them.
  • When a nude Brian speaks with his followers and his mother storms into the room, a Star of David is on the wall. The Star of David became a symbol of Judaism in the Middle Ages.
  • During the crucifixion scene, after the PFJ sings "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow", a very obvious double for John Cleese is playing "Reg" among the PFJ when Cleese enters the scene as the Centurion, looking to free Brian.
  • The prisoners carry crosses considerably smaller than the ones they end up being crucified upon.
  • When the three wise men praise Brian, an electrical extension cord is clearly visible, hanging down on the right of the screen (widescreen).
  • During "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," when the camera looks down the line of crosses, a man in a suit and tie walks in the background.
  • In the manger scene, John Cleese has obvious lines on his face where his make-up has run from sweat.
  • When the Roman guards drag Brian away after he fails to abduct Pilate's wife, the padding in his costume is visible.
  • When the Centurion corrects Brian's slogan, "Romanes Eunt Domus", he says Domum is the locative case, which would be Domi. It's actually the accusative of place, which drops the preposition Ad from Ad Domum. However, the resulting sentence, "Romani Ite Domum", is correct.
  • The letter U first appeared around the 14th century. At the time of Jesus, ROMANES EUNT DOMUS would be written ROMANES EVNT DOMVS.
  • Whilst selling concessions in the arena, Brian offers jaguar and ocelot bits. These are New World animals not to be discovered for 1500 years.
  • A Roman centurion in full dress would be recognizable by 3 things: greaves covering his shins and knees, a vine in his hand and especially a helmet with the crest positioned from left to right. John Cleese's centurion is wearing none of these badges of rank. His helmet is in fact more like that of a Roman general.
  • According to the caption text, Brian meets the People's Front of Judea for the first time in the Colosseum in Jerusalem. In fact, the only amphitheater known as the Colosseum is the big one in Rome, officially called the Amfitheatrum Flavium.
  • Pontius Pilate is portrayed as having a palace in Jerusalem. Although one would easily assume this, due to his role in the New Testament, he actually resided in Caesarea, which was the Roman capital of the Judean province. There are historical mentions of Pilate visiting Jerusalem, but he never lived there.
  • When the priest starts reading out the name of the person to be stoned, the shadow of a boom mic is visible on the wall behind him.
  • Around the 43 minute mark you can briefly see one of the crew underneath the alien puppets (the one on the right) when both aliens jump up as the ship comes under attack.
  • After Brian had his speech and the people pursue him asking him to complete his sentence, there is a frontal shot where the cameraman's shadow is visible on the crowd and Brian.
  • When the Gladiator has a heart attack in front of the entrance gate to the arena. A high ranked Roman then makes the comment absolutely dreadful. Next scene the gladiator is no longer in front of the entrance gate. Note, the gladiator who suffers the heart attack was called a Hoplomachus gladiator.


  • When Brian climbs from the crashed spaceship, a spectator says, "You lucky bastard" but his lips clearly say "You jammy bastard". "Jammy" is a very English word, and probably wouldn't make much sense to an international audience.
  • When the alien spaceship falls toward Earth, it is headed toward South America, not the Middle East.
  • When Judith interrupts the PFJ to tell them Brian is going to be crucified, Stan aka Loretta is writing the meeting minutes from right to left as a Jewish writer would but he is writing each word from left to right then moving his hand to the left of what he is written not each word right to left as a Jewish writer would write.
  • Near the end, with Brian on the cross, the JPF crack suicide squad arrive. the centurions and slaves are all scared off. You can see one slave running away desperately trying to hold his pants up.
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