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  • When Gallaxhar's computer is showing the location of the earth, it shows the Milky Way, and zooms near the center; actually, the solar system is a lot farther from the center, nearing the edge.
  • The hair on Link's chest disappeared in one scene and then reappeared later on.
  • After Derek completes his TV weather forecast, a director can be heard saying "cut". You don't "cut" a live TV broadcast: this is a film term. The correct term should be "we're out", (meaning off air) or just "out".
  • The list of songs in the closing credits includes, "Here Comes the Bride - Traditional". In fact, the title is "Bridal Chorus", and was written by composer Richard Wagner for the opera "Lohengrin".
  • When the President plays the Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) motif on the synth, he's playing in the key of C, but the music heard is in the key of F.
  • When one of the agents is running towards the entrance of the room, you can see only one keypad, but after he completes his sign in, you see multiple keypads on the left of the screen as he is entering the room.
  • While Dr. Cockroach is experimenting on Ginormica, Link mentions that they've been doing this for over a month. Later, however, Ginormica mentions being in prison for only three weeks.
  • When Ginormica goes to the TV station to see Derek the call letters on the building begin with a W. All broadcast stations east of the MS river start with a W. West of the MS river they all begin with K.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Derek mentions that he is auditioning for an anchor role for the Fresno market, and is excited to be going to a top 50 market. At the time of the movie's release, Modesto was part of the Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto DMA, which is a #20 DMA, while Fresno is a #55 DMA. So, Derek would have been auditioning for a role in a smaller market.
  • When Susan tumbles out of her prison bed (just after arriving), the scene appears normal because there are no visual cues that she is a giantess falling from a giant bed where it's a long way to the floor. She should in fact seem to float down in slow motion.
  • When the Insectosaurus pupates, we suddenly see he's encased in a cocoon - however, since he's been rendered unconscious he wouldn't have been able to spin this from his silk.
  • In the beginning, when the president is walking up the stairs to the alien, a camera view shows that no one is on the stairs with him. When the president gets toward the top a man gives him a cup of water. A second later he is gone.
  • Throughout the self-destruct sequence, Computer announces time remaining as "[Explosion] in T minus [x] minutes". This is modeled on how NASA do their countdowns, but it is wrong. NASA do their countdowns as follows: "We are now at T minus [x] minutes", where T is the time for launch.
  • Ginormica's prison uniform is numbered 00005. But since she clearly arrived after Dr. Cockroach, BOB, Link, Insectosaurus, and the Invisible Man (R.I.P.), she should wear number 00006.
  • When human-height Susan is skiing up the hallway through the holes she made in the doors as Ginormica, she is more than half the height of the holes instead of roughly 1/10 as was established in the church scene.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) Mrs. Diegl explains that she has one thumb shorter than the other, but not to worry because it skips a generation. This is untrue. The condition, known as Brachydactyly Type D, a birth defect, can happen in one or both thumbs. The recurrence is 50/50 in all offspring.
  • Ginormica kicks off the roof covering the gas pumps (sending B.O.B. flying). Later in the movie as Link is mourning over Insectosaurus, we see the gas station in the background the the roof is back in place over the pumps.
  • When Susan first transforms in Genormica, as a side effect her hair turns white. However, when she gets back to normal by Galaxar, her hair remains white instead of being brown again.
  • Before setting the alien spaceship on self-destruct, Dr. Cockroach says, "A hexadecimal color code system." This represents 16 colors. The actual color system had nine colors and therefore would be a nonary color code system.
  • When Susan shoots the orb on top of herself, she doesn't have her Ginormica strength. Unless the substance inside of it has healing abilities (live the Wolverine or Deadpool), the shear weight of the orb would crush her.
  • When Susan takes the monsters to her parents' house, they start acting strange. It is odd that Dr. Cockroach would not know how to act, given he was once a human himself. Even if he had been a monster for so many years that he had forgotten what humans do, one would think that with his large IQ, he would know better.
  • When Susan begins to grow, one of the straps of her dress rips in the first growth spurt. In another shot, the dress's strap is still there. However, in the next shot after that, the dress strap is no longer there once more.


  • At the end when Dr. Cockroach, Link, and Bob are trapped at the door, the hole that Ginormica made chasing Gallaxhar (and that they originally entered through) is directly above them.
  • When Link first sees Insectosaurus after the transformation, he says "You're a butterfly!", in fact, Insectosaurus is a moth, which has feathery antennae, rather than a butterfly which has straight ones with knobbed ends.
  • The scene depicting the evacuation of San Francisco shows tolls being collected on the Golden Gate Bridge for cars driving north. Although this is amusing, tolls are only collected southbound (on the way into San Francisco).
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