Monsta X: The Dreaming

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Is it the knowing Is it the seeing Or Is It The Dreaming Best known for their powerful, iconic, and superb performances, K-pop and pop band MONSTA X is loved by - and devoted to - their countless fans around the world. As a gift to their fandom, this brand-new film gives an intimate look at their rigorous journey over the past six years including exclusive one-on-one interviews with each individual member, personal stories from their time in America, and a special concert clip exclusively for MONBEBE. This unmissable cinema event also includes high-energy musical performances of their chart-topping hits along with an exclusive first-look at their upcoming album. Challenge, evolve, and dream. Celebrate the magnificent achievements and the stunning tomorrow of MONSTA X.

Atom User Reviews

5.0 out of 5
Verified Review

I laughed...I cried...I swooned (though I do wish more abs were involved in the Behind The Scene footage heh heh)... Had to stop myself from responding to the screen a few times, because it really felt like they were talking right to #MONBEBE. I wanted them to feel our appreciation & love right back. They inspire me to not give up on my goals no matter how long it takes me. I recommend this film to anyone who loves #MONSTA_X, #KPOP in general, or just watching #hotguys who can sing AND dance, be funny AND sincere--basically just like my dream guys, but they're real!

Elizabeth N
Verified Review

This was so great! So excited for the concert.

Mandy H