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While trying to salvage her career, a disgraced journalist begins investigating a strange conspiracy theory. But as the trail leads uncomfortably close to home, she is left to grapple with the lies at the heart of her own story.


  • Lily Sullivan
  • Ling Cooper Tang
  • Ansuya Nathan
  • Erik Thomson
  • Terence Crawford
  • Matt Crook
  • Kate Box
  • Rashidi Edward
  • Brigid Zengeni
  • Belle Kalendra-Harding

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Feb 20, 2024

Matt Vesely’s impressive debut ably stakes out its own territory, not least in the vast distances covered by a single on-screen actor and a handful of vocal performances.

Metacritic review by Phil Hoad
Phil Hoad
The Guardian
Feb 16, 2024

Some of our heroine’s choices as the film raises the stakes feel a bit unbelievable, but that can be forgiven given the single-setting, single-performer restrictions of the piece. In the end, the goal was clearly to trap us in the increasingly fractured mind of a single person who increasingly believes what is beyond believable. Mission accomplished.

Metacritic review by Brian Tallerico
Brian Tallerico
Feb 15, 2024

Lily Sullivan plays this unnamed reporter with cagey, harried intensity, and she is more than capable of carrying this one-woman show.

Metacritic review by Calum Marsh
Calum Marsh
The New York Times