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  • When douses the TNT with water, he replaces a red American style Fire Hydrant onto a street in London. These style Fire Hydrants are not found in the U.K.
  • The "Queen of England" urges one of the minions not to get "mad". An older English person would never use the term "mad" in that context; she would say "angry" or "cross".
  • The ticket prices at the Tower of London were shown in decimal currency (and were too expensive for the time). The film is set in 1968, but the UK didn't adopt a decimal currency until 1971.
  • Stuart attempts to "chat up" a bright yellow fire hydrant, and is later seen with two fire hydrants in a jacuzzi. These are American-style hydrants; in Britain hydrants are simple pipes whose position is marked by a yellow sign with a black 'H'.
  • As the three minions land in New York, you can briefly see S.S. France probably docked at Pier 88 (official French Line pier at the time). Her funnel colors were red with black tops until 1979, as she was sold to Norwegian Caribbean Line and became S.S. Norway (
  • The Nelsons' family station wagon bears the New York license plate, "LUV2ROB". New York did not introduce personalized plates until 1977, which were limited to 6 characters and had pattern limitations. The plates on this car could not have been had until 1982 at the earliest, 16 years after the setting of the movie.
  • The fire hydrants in the film are shown with hexagonal (six-sided) nuts, but most fire hydrant nuts/caps are pentagonal (five-sided) and require a special tool to open.
  • "The Queen of England" in reality is not just Queen of England, as referred to by Scarlet and the Minions, and it's a regularly promoted misnomer in Hollywood that England is the only part of the UK that has a monarchy (with many people believing that "England" and "UK/Britain" are interchangeable terms). Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which also encompasses Scotland and Wales. Wales formally united with England in 1536, Scotland's and England's crowns formally united in 1603 with a parliamentary union occurring in 1707. Ireland joined the Union in 1801, with the Irish Free State being established in 1921 and leaving only the Northern States maintaining membership of the UK since.
  • Villain Con is hosted in Orlando, which is portrayed as a tourist destination. However, the film takes place in 1968 and Orlando did not become a tourist destination until the opening of Walt Disney World three years later. Prior to this, Orlando was mostly an industrial city which played an important role in the states citrus industry.
  • When the minions pass the Statue of Liberty, it is shown with the gold plated torch flame. In 1968 the Statue of liberty had a torch that was made of yellow glass panes held in place by a metal lattice. The gold plated flame was installed in 1986 as part of a major restoration of the statue.
  • In the bedtime story Scarlet tells the minions, she depicts herself on the North Pole, being abandoned by penguins. There are no penguins on the North Pole.
  • The license plate numbers on both the hippie van and the car belonging to the lady playing "Vallkeries" are the same , and they are the only visible ones in the movie that are identical.
  • About 35 minutes into the film, one of Jimi Hendrix's guitars is supposedly shown. Jimi was left-handed, but he played a right-handed guitar re-strung for left-handed play because that stringing created a unique sound due to the angling of the pickups with relation to the distance from the terminus of the string. While the head of the guitar is never shown so we can see whether it is right- or left-handed, the mounting point for the shoulder strap is, and it denotes a right-handed guitar, as expected. However, the guitar is strung for right-handed play as well; it should have been strung for left-handed play. That, and the design of the guitar suggests a slightly stylized fictional version of a Squier, rather than a model he actually played.
  • In Egypt, the pyramid is balanced on one of its bottom corners and falls landing upright on its bottom. Then you see a minion turning the plans over which are upside down suggesting that the pyramid was built upside down on its top point. If the pyramid had been built upside down, it would've fallen on one of its sides and not its bottom.
  • As the Minions arrive in the Tube train (in 1968) we hear "Mind the Gap". This announcement wasn't made until 1969.
  • The design of the Tube train isn't appropriate for 1968. Trains in that era would almost certainly have been unpainted aluminium (and if not, not with the colours shown) and would have had windows which could be opened.
  • The three Minions duck into a phone box while being chased. The phone shown is a standard wall-mounted phone with a separate coin box. Such equipment was designated for private premises (pubs, schools etc) and a public phone box in that era would typically have had a single-piece all-metal unit.
  • When the Minions get into the car with the Nelsons, Walter Jr. is on the right side of the car. When they exit the bank, he is on the left side. This is normal, but after the police chase, he appears on the right side yet again.
  • The monarch has been barred from entering the House of Commons (the parliamentary chamber with green seats where King Bob signs legislation) since 1642.
  • During her speech at Villaincon, Scarlet Overkill walks past 3 guys sitting in the front row dressed up to look like her. When the scene zooms out to a long shot, the 3 lookalikes have disappeared.
  • The ruby that one of the minions spits out onto the stage disappears in the following scenes.
  • The underground line is shows as the District line, but the district line is not a deep level tube line as shown in the film, and also runs alongside the circle line at Westminster whereas the platform suggests that only the District line runs as there is only a green stripe and no yellow.
  • Outside Buckingham Palace they all went round the roundabout the wrong way.


  • When the Minions are walking through the sewer in London, they goes up the manhole of Abbey Road and get trodden on by The Beatles. While Abbey Road was recorded in 1969, the image we saw wasn't the one on the album cover, suggesting The Beatles could have reshot the album cover in 1969, minus the Minion interruption.
  • The monarch of the UK cannot change the law or constitution on their own initiative, so even allowing that Bob became king by acclimation, he would not have the power change the succession to abdicate in favor of Scarlet.
  • After Stuart is given his guitar as a prize, he plays for awhile and then smashes the guitar. Next scene, the broken guitar is no longer there.
  • At the end of the movie, Stuart plays "Eruption" by Van Halen nearly ten years before Van Halen recorded it. Within the logic of this series, this could simply mean Van Halen heard the solo and decided to copy it from the Minions.
  • At the beginning of Scarlet's coronation the sun is shining brightly. It continues to shine as she enters and light pours through the windows during the ceremony. As the minions enter the building the sun is just beginning to set in a mostly clear sky. A few moments later the minions exit the building to total darkness and pouring rain.
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