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  • Scheduled to start shooting in Hawaii towards the end of 2018.
  • This is the second collaboration between Woody Harrelson and Roland Emmerich after 2012 (2009).
  • This is Roland Emmerich's first war movie since The Patriot (2000).
  • Both Aaron Eckhart and Patrick Wilson have starred in a DC movie. Eckhart was Harvey Dent/Two-Face in The Dark Knight (2008) and Wilson in Watchmen 2009 as The Nightowl and was Ocean Master in Aquaman (2018).
  • This is the second collaboration between Dennis Quaid and Roland Emmerich after The Day After Tomorrow (2004).
  • Both Ed Skrein, Woody Harrelson and Tadanobu Asano have starred in at least one Marvel movie. Skrein was Ajax in Deadpool (2016), Harrelson was in Venom (2018) and Asano was Hogun in the Thor trilogy.
  • This is the first movie about the Battle of Midway since Midway (1976).
  • First feature film to be written by Wes Tooke.
  • Mandy Moore and Dennis Quaid's second movie that they starred in together. The First was American Dreamz (2006).
  • The wreckage of the Akagi and the Kaga were found the month before the film's premiere.
  • The USS Midway (CV-41), the Midway-class aircraft carrier named in remembrance of the Battle of Midway, was the longest-serving US aircraft carrier of the twentieth century (1945-1992). It has been at Navy Pier in San Diego, California since 2004 as a museum ship. It boasts over 1 million visitors per year and as of 2015 it is the most popular naval warcraft museum in the United States.
  • The Battle of Midway was not a turning point in the Pacific Campaign. Japan did not have the resources or the military/economic/industrial capacity to simultaneously defeat China, the British Commonwealth and Empire, and the United States.
  • The Battle of Midway was of secondary importance to the Guadalcanal Campaign.
  • Both Luke Kleintank (Clarence Dickinson) & Brennan Brown (Joseph Rochefort) have starred on The Man in the High castle, a show where Japan won the war and take over the west part of United States.
  • The Doolittle raid provided little damage nor did it have any strategic importance. But it was a huge morale boost to U.S. Forces and a major blow to the pride of the Japanese Military Who felt their home islands were impenetrable.
  • After the battle of Midway Japan never built another carrier while the US went on to build more than 30.
  • Brennan Brown plays the genius code breaker Joseph Rochefort. A man whose work was vital in defeating the Japanese at midway. In The Man in the High Castle he plays an American businessman who admires the Japanese in occupied San Francisco.
  • The movie incorrectly states that Japan's goal was to eventually invade the US. In actuality, Japan knew they would not be able to beat the US in a protracted war, so the objective was to draw the US navy into a decisive battle that would be so demoralizing to the US that they would be able to negotiate an end to the war within 6 months and a least keep the oil steel and rubber resources in Indonesia. To do that they had to threaten a US possession that the entire US Navy (including its carriers) would be willing to fight for, so they chose Midway, which was close to Hawaii.
  • The United States backed China over Japan in 1940, leading to the attack on the naval base.
  • In this movie, Nick Jonas plays Aviation Machinist's Mate, Bruno Gaido ; while in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, he plays a pilot, Seaplane McDonough.
  • The last war movie director Roland Emmerich made was The Patriot. That movie was scored by composer John Williams. Williams wrote the score to the 1976 version of Midway.
  • In the movie, at the beginning of the attack by Midways planes on the Japanese, it is depicted that about 12-16 twin engine B-24 bombers conducted a level bombing against Nagumos flagship, the Akagi. In reality, Midway only had 4 B-24s deployed... they were bravely the first to attack at 0710. They had been converted to torpedo bombers and approached at a very low level, not high up to bomb as in the film. of the 4, 2 were shot down by intense AA fire, and the leader, severely damaged, conducted what may be the first kamikaze attack of the war (YES an American), attempting to hit Admiral Nagumos bridge to kill him and missed at the last minute by as little as 5 feet by Japanese accounts. There is much historical debate as to whether this scare might have affected Nagumos thinking in the next 15 minutes and resulted in the Japanese disaster.


  • Attention to detail The actions of Bruno Gaido (Nick Jonas) are historically accurate, including his death.
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