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  • Ari Aster's visual references for his upcoming Scandinavian folk horror are Black Narcissus (1947), Hard to Be a God (2013), Macbeth (1971), and Tess (1979).
  • It's a remake of the danish horror flick QV Movie:_Midsummer (2003)_
  • William Jackson Harper is the only American actor in the film. Jack Reynor, although born in Colorado, is Irish, Florence Pugh is British, and Will Poulter is British. All other supporting actors are either Swedish or Hungarian.
  • Production for the film was announced immediately after Hereditary was released.
  • Described as "The Wizard of Oz for perverts".
  • Will Poulter has said the film is better than Hereditary
  • Second (and supposedly last, at least for a long time), horror movie for Ari Aster.
  • According to Ari Aster, this was meant to be his first horror movie since Hereditary was intended to just be a family drama.


  • Is not related or connected in any way to Hereditary
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