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  • Dani misspells the word "something" as "somehting" in her last direct message to her sister.
  • When asked about the yellow building, a cult member states that it is like a temple but no one can go in there. However, later you see people going in there.
  • On the way home from the party Dani and Christian sit on the backseat of a cab, the rear window is frozen although in the movie it is already summer.
  • The Americans react to the sun being up late at night. The sun doesn't set until after 10.30 PM in the area around midsummer, but the lack of long shadows reveals that the scene does not take place in the late evening at 61° North but rather around noon at 47° North (Hungary). The film appears to be filmed in Utah which is around 42 degree N - instead of Sweden (which is 61 degree N) that would explain this discrepancy.
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