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Quotes from Men In Black: International

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    • Agent M: Should we call it in?
    • Agent H: Call it in? No. The paperwork is a nightmare!
    • Agent H: There should be a big red button 'round here somewhere.
    • Agent M: Found it.
    • M.I.B UK Branch Head: Always remember: the universe has a way of leading you to where you're supposed to be, at the moment you're supposed to be there.
    • Agent O: You really think a black suit is going to solve all your problems?
    • Agent M: No. But, looks damn good on you.
    • Agent H: We are the Men in Black.
    • [silence]
    • Agent H: The Men *&* Women in Black!
    • Agent H: that was an incredible catch - Agent H
    • Agent H: You've never been in love, have you? I'm not making fun. I'm genuinely asking. You've never once abandoned logic for passion?
    • Agent M: Heh. No, I haven't. Passion is unstable, and logic is constant. Yeah. Physical attraction is nothing more than chemical reactions in your brain. Can't trust them. They're not real.
    • Agent H: Isn't the whole universe a chemical reaction? Pretty sure you can trust that. Feels pretty real.
    • Pawny: That's actually kind of deep.
    • [first lines]
    • M.I.B UK Branch Head: God, do I hate Paris.
    • Agent H: Not to worry. Probably won't be around much longer.
    • Agent H: So, uh, it's Molly, huh?
    • Agent M: Yeah, you look like a Henry.
    • Agent H: Good. It's all I got.
    • Pawny: I'm Steve.
    • Agent M: Steve? I thought you said pawns don't have names.
    • Agent H: We don't. I was just feeling left out.
    • Agent M: Oh, Steve.
    • Agent M: You're not supposed to know that.
    • Agent H: Well, too late. I know it now. Guess that it's only fair that you know mine.
    • Agent M: I don't wanna know.
    • Agent H: I'm gonna tell you.
    • Agent M: Okay.
    • Agent H: You ready? Horatio.
    • Agent M: It is not.
    • Agent H: It's not. It's Henry.
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