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  • When Agent H and M land in the desert, Agent M's sunglasses are on the sand under her feet. In subsequent scenes, they are no longer on the sand, and there is no indication that she moved them.
  • This film states that the first alien migration to Earth occurred in 1889. However, in the first Men in Black (1997) it is established that first contact was made on March 2, 1961.
  • When taking off in the car from London to Paris, the internal shot suggests they took off from an airport, as there is a runway in the background.
  • When M is in High T's office after the club scene, there is a close up of her hand fumbling around in her pocket. Within a split second, going to a wide shot, her hands are together in front of her.
  • At about 1:08, when H and M land in the Merzouga desert after the "red button" acceleration on the hoover bike, they somehow manage to have a campfire. The area is devoid of any large vegetation, factually, and as it appears in the movie.
  • When M travels to London from New York, which is west of the UK, you see the "subway" heading towards Tower Bridge. However it is approaching from the east.


  • Towards the end when M is being handed the neuralizer by O, the hand receiving the neuralizer isn't M's hand, it is a male's hand.
  • In the final battle scene when agent H is fighting alien character of agent high T, there is a cut that is seen on alternate sides of agent H's face in each scene.
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