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  • When Michael gets into the back seat of the car to discuss the fine German lenses that he has procured, it is obviously dusk. But in the next shot from the car's interior, it's night time.
  • When Charlie is in the back seat of Michael's car (after the bar shooting scene), his audio is slightly off.
  • The end credits on the DVD incorrectly list David Carradine as "Oscar" and Robert Carradine as "Drunk".
  • As Teresa is getting out of bed when she is with Charlie, in one shot the blanket covering her is pulled off nearly completely, yet in the next shot it covers her again, before being pulled off once again.
  • During one of the pool scenes, balls disappear and change position between cuts.
  • A pedestrian passes the mailbox just before Johnny Boy blows it up. After he blows it up, though, the man is nowhere to be seen, although he was close enough to be injured by the blast.
  • When the group is in the car and the old guy is cleaning the car's windshield, after they pull away, the old guy is nowhere around, although there was no time for him to disappear.
  • Tony is driving with a bandaged right little finger, then the bandage is gone and it reappears again.
  • Camera shadows are visible during the bar fight.
  • As an inflicted Charlie gets loaded into an ambulance at the end of the film, the camera's shadow is visible on his legs at the bottom of the screen.


  • When Charlie takes Johnny Boy's gun on the roof, he holds it in his left hand, but after the cut to medium he suddenly has it in his right hand.
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