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  • First leading role for Tom Hanks.
  • The film has scenes right outside of and inside Two World Trade Center, New York, long before the building was destroyed in the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001.
  • Over the course of the film Jay Jay wears 8 different hats and changes hats 14 times.
  • 35 years after the TV movie was broadcast, Tom Hanks son Colin made a cameo in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) which was the long awaited sequel to Jumanji (1995) a film about a magic board game which starred Robin Williams.
  • This film is clearly a social commentary on the Dungeons & Dragons controversy occurring during this period.
  • Anne Francis, Lloyd Bochner, Vera Miles and Murray Hamilton all guest-starred in separate episodes of "The Twilight Zone". All but Miles also appeared in separate episodes of "The Golden Girls".


  • Rona Jaffe's source novel was probably inspired by the disappearance of Michigan State University student James Dallas Egbert III, who was thought to have gone into the college's steam tunnels to play a live action game of Dungeons & Dragons. In reality, he had gone there to commit suicide. In fact, his depression probably had nothing to do with the role-playing game, but was likely brought on by the pressures of school, drug addiction, and other personal issues. The truth of Egbert's disappearance didn't come out until William Dear, a private investigator hired by Egbert's family, published his own account of the incident three years after Jaffe's novel was published. It could be argued, then, that Mazes and Monsters was born of a public hysteria based on an urban myth surrounding Egbert's disappearance.
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