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Quotes from Mazes and Monsters

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    • Daniel: What do you guys think happened?
    • Lieutenant John Martini: One of the players Robbie played with got carried away and killed him.
    • Daniel: That's kind of far out.
    • Lieutenant John Martini: Mazes & Monsters is a far-out game. Swords... poison... spells... battles... maiming... killing!
    • Daniel: Hey, it's all imagination!
    • Lieutenant John Martini: Is it? I'll be talking to you.
    • Robbie Wheeling: There's blood on the knife.
    • Robbie Wheeling: I am Pardue, and I am a holy man.
    • Kate Finch: Jay Jay, that was really stupid, jumping into the pit without using your sonar first!
    • Jay Jay Brockway: Do you think Robbie was involved with another game?
    • Robbie Wheeling: Frilik! Aren't you dead? Didn't you die when you leapt into the pit? It IS you, Frilik, you have been restored to the living! Whoever did that is a great holy man, a greater holy man even than I.
    • Kate Finch: And so... we played the game again... for one last time. It didn't matter that there were no maps... or dice... or monsters. Pardue saw the monsters. We did not. We saw nothing but the death of hope. And the loss of our friend. And so we played the game until the sun began to set... and all the monsters were dead.
    • Kate Finch: The most frightening monsters are the ones that exist in our minds.
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