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  • When Skurge is firing his rifles "Des" and "Troy," no shells are coming out of the rifles' ejector ports.
  • Heimdell's cloak reappears during some dialogue after he discards it during the battle on the Rainbow Bridge.
  • While Skurge is firing his guns, the ejection port on one of his M16s is shown to be closed, but should have been forced open by exiting shell casings. Later it is shown open.
  • In the final scene with Skurge, the dust covers on the M16s he was dual wielding can be seen closed. These open upon the first round being fired.
  • Karl Urban's rubber scalp piece has a visible edge.
  • When Skurge fires his rifles, he fires a lot more rounds than the 30-round magazines can hold. He fires at least 10 times that.
  • In the opening scene, Thor's beard is neatly trimmed, no matter how much time he spent in the cage.
  • Korg and his gang take the transport ship to Asgard, but Korg appears on the rainbow bridge before the ship arrives.
  • Hela repeatedly states that she needs to track down Heimdall so she can use his sword to open the Bifrost bridge to expand her conquest. However, we have seen (in the first film) that Odin's golden staff can work the Bifrost just as well, and Thor is shown wielding it in the throne room, presumably meaning it was there the whole time. Hela may however be unaware of its use.
  • Approx.:1.22.34 of the movie. Thor and Banner are trying to escape in the crowd, when Banner is hit in the face and body with bright green powdered paint. the very next scene, Banner is seen with no green powder on his face or jacket.
  • When Skurge sneaks on the spacecraft departing from Asgard, he is not carrying any weapons, but afterwards he uncovers two M16's from under his cloak.
  • HeLa was looking for the sword to use the Bifrost for transportation while there is a tesseract on Asgard that she could have used to teleport to anywhere she wishes to since its meant for that.
  • (Around 1 hour 10 minutes) Thor appears at the end of the drinks shelves to talk to Valkyrie but in the wide shot he is standing by the middle of the shelves.
  • Thor opens the top hatch of the Quinjet and drops in. The scene then cuts to him entering from the side door.
  • At the end of the film Loki, Korg and the rest of the escapees show up on Asgard to help rescue the survivors. Yet when Valkyrie was discussing escape plans previously she mentioned that they could take a portal to a different location and be at Asgard "within 18 months". While it's possible that Loki's ship could have taken the Devil's Anus to get to Asgard right away, it seems unlikely that their large and very slow ship would have survived the trip as the Grand Master's ship barely made it out even though it was fast and well protected.
  • Though he doesn't directly say it, the Grand Master implies that time passes much slower on Sakaar as he would be millions of years old in the regular universe. Yet when Thor and Loki first meet on Sakaar, Loki said he had been there for weeks even though it had only been seconds for Thor. This would indicate that time moves much faster on Sakaar than in the regular universe which is the opposite of what is expected.
  • In the final battle scene, while on the plane, the Valkyrie has her hair up but later when she's standing on the bifrost bridge, her hair is down.
  • The M16 guns "Des" and "Troy" have NATO STANAG 30-round magazines, yet when they are fired they shoot far more than that. This is not possible unless they somehow have been turned into "magic guns".
  • Valkyrie crash lands the Grandmaster's ship on the Rainbow bridge and yet Loki is able to take off with no problems when heading off to the vault.
  • After the dragon head explodes its goo, you can see skurge's tattoo running down his head.
  • When Hogun first attacks Hela, he is thrown through the side of the stairs, but when he gets up after the battle, he is in front of them.


  • When Hela's blade destroys Thor's eye, she strikes the side of his head with a horizontal slashing motion. For such a blow to completely destroy a human eye as shown, it would leave visible cuts on one or both sides of the eye socket. (Given that Asgardian heads and faces externally appear identical to those of normal humans, there is no reason to believe that their skulls do not have the same bony structures around the eye sockets as do those of humans.) The wound shown when Thor turns to face the camera has no such cuts, but instead is characteristic of a stabbing blow into the eye.
  • When Loki and Thor first meet up on Sakaar, Loki reveals that he's been there for weeks and yet despite this, Loki is somehow completely unaware that Hulk is also on Sakaar as shown by his reaction in the battle arena. This seems incredibly unlikely considering that not only is Hulk a huge celebrity there, but also that Loki had gotten in good graces with the Grandmaster. Surely he would have found out who the champion is. His likeness is even featured atop the Grandmaster's tower.
  • After Thor lands on Sakaar, his cloak gets easily and partially ripped off when he is fighting the gang attempting to capture him. A few moments later, when Valkyrie captures Thor and is dragging him to her ship, she is pulling him by his cloak that was earlier ripped off one shoulder, but is now inexplicably strong enough to drag him.
  • It would not be possible for Loki's transport ship to show up so quickly on Asgard, because the ship would not have been able to travel through the Devil's Anus.
  • Thor and Loki apparently never knew of Hela's existence until Odin told them about her, yet when they both meet Valkyrie they remind her of her own dreadful experience with Hela despite the fact that Odin never mentioned to Thor and Loki Hela's experience with the Valkyries.
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