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  • (at around 13 mins) When Pepper and Killian first meet, Pepper's ponytail changes between shots - appearing behind her back, then half over her shoulder, then behind her back again.
  • (at around 1h 30 mins) While Tony and Rhodey are talking to the Mandarin before getting onto the speedboat, the injuries to Tony's left eye are shown on his right eye instead.
  • (at around 29 mins) When Tony Stark is giving his address to the press his blue sunglasses are not on when camera cuts to rear shot of his head.
  • While the Extremis Soldiers can heat up metal to near liquid states, their clothing remains completely unaffected.
  • (at around 29 mins) When Stark is talking to the press and gives out his address to the Mandarin, the image on the reporter's phone is the same as from our point of view, and not what the phone's camera would have seen.
  • (at around 1h 30 mins) When Stark and Rhodes talk to the Vice President from the boat, the Vice President's mobile changes between shots.
  • (at around 1h 22 mins) When Maya Hansen is threatening to inject herself with Extremis, she says the dosage is 1200cc. That is equal to 1.2 liters, a volume impossible to hold in one syringe.
  • (at around 53 mins) When Brandt comes into the bar, she's seen putting her DHS badge on the table with her right hand in the close up, but with her left hand when the camera cuts away to show her.
  • (at around 3 mins) When Happy's closing the sliding doors, he's almost done. In the next scene, they're more open than they were before.
  • Hair lost or burnt off by those injected with Extremis grows back along with missing body parts. While hair is living within the follicle, once it's outside the skin, it's dead and cannot be regenerated in its current state. (As long as the follicle is not damaged, it can be regrown, but styling would not regenerate.)
  • (at around 1h 41 mins) When Tony and Rhodey are at the docks and taking cover, Tony asks for more ammo for his pistol, even though Rhodey tells him all bullets are not interchangeable. Tony acknowledges the irony of him being an arms dealer: "I know what I'm doing, I make this stuff. Just give it to me."
  • (at around 1h 35 mins) Radical differences between altitudes when Iron Man is saving the airline passengers. At one point Jarvis calls out "18,000" feet and then only eight seconds later he calls out "10,000" feet. Nothing falls at 682 miles per hour from natural gravity. Then Jarvis calls out the last 9,400 feet in twenty seconds, nearly three times longer than it took the first distance.
  • (at around 53 mins) When Brandt arrests Tony and the Sheriff intervenes and asks her what was happening, she identifies herself as a Homeland Security Special Agent and shows him her badge. However the badge she showed the Sheriff wasn't a DHS badge, it was a DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration, badge.
  • Tony and Killian meet in 1999, along with Happy in Switzerland. Thirteen years pass by and there are no significant age-related physical changes in their appearance, a nicer suit of clothes and a different hairstyle by Killian notwithstanding.
  • (at around 55 mins) In Tennessee, when Tony dives into the kitchen he sets a trap by putting dog tags in the microwave to spark and ignite the gas line he severed. However, within a few feet of the microwave are the open flames from Tony kicking the super-heated hand cuffs into the cooking oil.
  • (at around 8 mins) The story opens with a terrorist attack on Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, killing the spouses and children of American soldiers at the base. Like almost all U.S. bases in the Middle East, assignments to Ali Al Salem AB are temporary rotations without family members, specifically due to the high risk of terrorism.
  • in the comic books, Aldrich Killian is of Asian descent.
  • (at around 30 mins) When Jarvis and Tony reconstruct the bombing of the Chinese Theatre, Jarvis mentions that, due to the extreme heat of the explosion, everything in a wide radius instantly vaporized. Yet the dog tags of the bomber, while being bent and blued, still have their rubber wrapper.
  • When Brandt was injected with Extremis, her missing left arm grew back, but the face scars remained.
  • (at around 1h 5 mins) Tony instructs Gary to "jump on the roof, recalibrate the ISDNs, and pump it up by about forty percent." What Gary adjusts is a satellite dish, whereas ISDN connections are hardwired using the same telephone system that is used for what is no known as a "landline." Even if it were an ISDN connection, Dual ISDN PRI has a max downstream bandwidth of 2.94Mbps, but the speed test shows a speed of over 9Mbps. Neither ISDN nor Satellite Connections could be increased in speed by simply making adjustments to the receiving equipment, with the possible exception of repointing the dish to a different satellite, which would be done using the equipment inside the van. Additionally, the screen shows two different IP addresses displayed in the standard system of four numbers, but one of the numbers in the first address and two of the numbers in the second address are above 255, which is the upper limit of number in actual IP addresses.
  • When Tony and Rhody are in the restaurant, Tony said "Einstein slept three hours a year. Look what he did." While, most likely, a joke, Einstein actually slept, regularly, 10 hours a night. This, along with daily naps, he slept more than the average person.
  • When Stark and Rhodes are talking with the Mandarin in his hideout, and Tony asks where the boat is, the bloody wound is on the left side of his face -- before and after this, it is on the right side.
  • When Tony/Iron Man was sinking after his house was destroyed, a wire pulling him down is visible.
  • In "Iron Man 2" It's established that Tony Stark has security precautions in place that prevent unauthorised people using the War Machine suit. However in this movie one of the Extremis can use it without any trouble.
  • While Nick Fury is getting chased around Washington, DC, a road sign is visible indicating that he is on US-6/US-322. Neither US-6 nor US-322 come anywhere near Washington, DC. The only place they coincide is in Cleveland, Ohio, which is one of the movie's shooting locations.
  • Near the end, when Tony tries to tell Jarvis not to attack Pepper, he finds that he can't, because his earpiece is on the ground, not in his ear. A few minutes later, when Tony decides to call on Jarvis to execute the "clean sweep" procedure, he taps on his obviously very empty ear, and somehow Jarvis and he are communicating as though he put the earpiece back in.
  • In the final shot, the sound of an internal combustion engine was added to the visual of Stark driving off in an electric car.
  • During the Malibu attack, Tony uses his repulser beams to push a piano and ignite a rocket at the helicopters but does not use the beams themselves even though they are powerful enough on their own.


  • (at around 1h 30 mins) During the Air Force One scene, gunfire shatters one of its passenger windows. The actual Air Force One planes (there are two) are equipped with bulletproof windows.
  • (at around 31 mins) When Tony is observing the map of the U.S. in the wake of the Mandarin's attack on the Chinese Theater, Jarvis brings up the map of all heat signatures in the country. Tony then asks Jarvis to take away everywhere there's been a Mandarin attack. 20-30 heat signatures disappear from the map. Earlier in the movie (at around 10 mins), Rhodey tells Tony that there have been 9 total attacks, and 3 that the public know about.
  • (at around 1h 55 mins) Tony stands on the cliff where his house used to be and looks down over the edge, but there are no remains of his house at the foot of the cliff.
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