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  • (at around 16 mins) When Hope and Scott are exiting the elevator, the floor button stays lit.
  • (at around 14 mins) When Hope is driving Scott to the lab, their SUV is confronted by pigeons and one of the pigeons pecks a dent in the hood. When the SUV is brought back to full size, the dent is gone.
  • Throughout the movie the lab is shrunk and moved, it is also moved haphazardly yet when the building is enlarged again at a new location, it automatically has electricity, plumbing, and nothing seems out of place when it was pretty much in an earthquake. However we are given explanations for these in the movie. Firstly, the lab is entirely self contained, and powered by the giant AA batteries we see. Second, they arm "gyroscopic stabilizers" before they shrink the lab, to protect its contents.
  • (at around 23 mins) You can see the reflection of a boom pole in the lamp during Sonny and Hope's first talk, right after Hope sits down.
  • You can often see the white bounce board (for reflecting light onto faces) in the reflection in Hank's glasses throughout the movie.
  • (at around 1h 30 mins) When Hank finds Janet, she lowers her mask so it hangs on her chest. It's gone in the next wide shot, and reappears later on.
  • (at around 1h 29 mins) After Scott retrieves the lab from Sonny, he walks back to shore with it, leaving Sonny knocked-out on the ferry, but after the thugs are tazed, tied up, and truth-serumed, Sonny is with them back on shore.
  • (at around 1h 21 mins) When Hank Pym is travelling into the Quantum Realm, his vehicle temporarily pauses at the microscopic level to get its bearings. He is surrounded (and nearly eaten) by floating tardigrades, a very resilient microscopic creature. Tardigrades natural habitat is in water, yet there is no indication that he has traveled into water.
  • The movie is set in San Francisco, but early in the movie, a Fake Cable Car is seen outside the Oui Restaurant, and near the end of the movie a Fake Cable Car is again on screen. The vehicle at first glance is meant to look like a Cable Car, but has huge rubber tires instead of metal wheels, and there is no Tramway Track visible because the filming locations were not at any of the three San Francisco Cable Car lines.
  • Some scenes in the film take place in San Francisco, California and when police vehicles have their emergency lights on, they are missing a steady red light. According to the California Vehicle Code, all law enforcement and emergency vehicles are required to display at least one steady red light in the front of the vehicle when the emergency lights are on.
  • Throughout the movie, as in Ant-Man, the mass (weight) of the objects which shrink and enlarge is never handled consistently. Sometimes objects (such as the people) retain their full weight when made very small, hence able to affect much larger objects with great force. But the same is not true when large heavy objects like cars and buildings are made small. Also, when Scott becomes very large, his mass is proportional to that, instead of remaining his actual ~200 lbs.
  • (at around 1h 10 mins) Dr. Hank Pym is locked up by the FBI in the interrogation room without his handcuffs being secured, but then Hope Van Dyne / Wasp uses the hairpin to unlock them.
  • The Wasp's "suit" is RED when she initially enters the quantum zone after shrinking to fit between the molecules to deactivate the missile. When Hank Pym rescues her, she has on a shirt of some sort covering her torso, but it looks as if the suit is BLACK. Where did the shirt come from and how did her suit change? Was there a department store in the quantum realm ? However if observed closely once Hank and Janet are leaving the Quantum Realm it is shown that there is a city with buildings in the realm showing that their are beings who live there. It was also confirmed by the director there are civilizations in the Quantum Realm. This is probably where Janet not only had food and shelter but where she probably received new clothes.
  • Sonny Birch's "southern accent" tends to "phase out" during times of stress.
  • (at around 48 minutes) When Cassie calls her Dad, Bill Foster pushes the answer button then lowers his right hand but in the next shot, over Scott's shoulder, Foster's right hand is still on the phone.
  • (at around 26 minutes) When Hope is fighting the henchmen in the kitchen, you see one guy grab the only knife on a cutting board and throw it at her. In the slow motion scene you even see his long follow through. Yet as we track Hope, she dodges 3 knives in rapid succession which could not have been thrown that fast. Also the knives are not flying end over end as they should be.
  • The character of Ghost can 'phase' through vertical surfaces such as solid walls, so one should expect that Ghost would also be passing through the horizontal surfaces such as floors! Yet this does not happen.
  • When Janet Van Dyne is using Scott Lang's body to assist Hank and Hope she takes Hank's hand. After she vacates and Scott returns to consciousness he puts his hands on his hip.After a cut Scott lifts his hand up in confusion showing that he is once again holding Hank's hand.


  • (at around 1h 50 mins) When Thanos snaps his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) during the Battle of Wakanda, it's the middle of the day. San Francisco is 10 hours behind Wakanda, which would means at the moment of the snap it should be night, yet when Scott is stranded in the Quantum Realm it's also daytime.
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