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    • Nicole: I never really came alive for myself; I was only feeding his aliveness.
    • Henry: Dad, are you ok?
    • Charlie: Yeah, I'm just tired
    • Henry: Dad, did she like us?
    • Charlie: Yeah, she thought we were great
    • Bert Spitz: Getting divorced with a kid is one of the hardest things to do. It's like a death without a body.
    • Ted: Criminal lawyers see bad people at their best, divorce lawyers see good people at their worst
    • Nora Fanshaw: Where do you want to live now, doll?
    • Nicole: Well, I'm here now, obviously. I don't know if the show will get picked up. It feels like home. It is home. It's the only home I've ever known without Charlie.
    • Nora Fanshaw: You want to stay here?
    • Nicole: Charlie's not going to want that. He hates LA.
    • Nora Fanshaw: We're interested in what you want to do. What you're doing is an act of hope. You understand that?
    • Nicole: Yeah.
    • Charlie: Will we go to court?
    • Bert Spitz: No. No, we don't want to go to court. Courts in California are a disaster, and that's just how we have to think about it. I'm not sure these are my glasses. Where are you living while you're out here?
    • Charlie: In a hotel right now.
    • Bert Spitz: A hotel doesn't look good.
    • Charlie: To who?
    • Bert Spitz: The court.
    • Charlie: You just said we weren't going to go to court.
    • Bert Spitz: No, of course. Of course. We have to prepare to go to court hoping we don't go to court.
    • Charlie: We didn't have a deal it was something we discussed.
    • Nora Fanshaw: So it's a deal when it's something you want. And a discussion when Nicole wants it?
    • Nicole: Anyway... .Shall we try this?
    • Charlie: Ok
    • Charlie: I don't know how to start...
    • Nicole: Do you understand why I want to stay in LA?
    • Charlie: No.
    • Nicole: Well, that's not... Charlie, that's not a useful way for us to start...
    • Charlie: I don't understand it.
    • Nicole: You don't remember promising that we could do time out there?
    • Charlie: We discussed things. We were married, we said things. We talked about moving to Europe, about getting a sideboard or what do you call it, a credenza, to fill that empty space behind the couch. We never did any of it.
    • Bert Spitz: You know what this is like? This is like that joke about the woman at the hairdresser, she's going to Rome. You know this?
    • Charlie: I don't.
    • Bert Spitz: This woman is at her hairdresser, and she says, "I'm going to Rome on Holiday." And he says, "Oh, really? What airline are you taking?" She says, "Alitalia." He says, "Alitalia? Are you crazy? That's the worst - that's terrible. Don't take that. Where you gonna stay?" She says, "I'm gonna stay at the Hassler." "The Hassler? What, are you kidding? They're renovating the Hassler. You'll hear hammering all night long. You won't sleep. What are you gonna see?" She says, "I think I'm gonna try to go the Vatican." "The Vatican? You'll be standing in line all day long. You'll never get to see anything."
    • Charlie: I'm sorry, Bert, am I paying for this joke?
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