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  • Sam louwyck set to star in the movie with nicolas cage
  • Sam Louwyck set to star in the movie
  • January 18 2018 is the first release date in Sundance festival film
  • The first fan-owned entertainment company, Legion M, helped co-produce the film and the Jóhann Jóhannsson soundtrack.
  • J?hann J?hannsson's final film score.
  • Summer is the new release date.
  • Sold out all international territories before its premiere in the 'Directors' Fortnight' at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018.
  • It's the second movie of Panos Cosmatos as both writer and director after his first film Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010).
  • Prompted a four-minute standing ovation at Cannes.
  • Set in the same year as Panos Cosmatos' first film, 'Beyond the Black Rainbow'.
  • Late in the film, Red is engaged in a chain-saw duel with one of the cultists. The beginning of the battle, where each combatant shows off his chain-saw, bears resemblance to "Phantasm II", while the whole duel sequence is very likely an homage to "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2".
  • One of the two 2018 films in which Andrea Riseborough plays the titular character, the other one being Nancy (2018).
  • The movie Red and Mandy are watching early in the film is Nightbeast (1982).
  • Linus Roache and Richard Brake also appeared in Batman Begins (2005) as Thomas Wayne and Joe Chill, respectively.
  • The Cheddar Goblin commercial was directed by Chris 'Casper' Kelly, who directed the Adult Swim short Too Many Cooks (2014).
  • Director's Trademark: Campfire Scene
  • Director's Trademark: High Film Grain.
  • Director's Trademark: "Panaflares," the process of aiming small LED lights into the barrel of the lens to "soften" and make the frame look "milky."
  • Director's Trademark: Characters speaking slowly and strangely.
  • There are several similarities between Jeremiah Sand and real-life cult leader Charles Manson. Like Sand, Manson was also a failed musician who reportedly took it very personally when his musicianship was insulted. Sand refers to his victims as "pigs," as did Manson and his followers. Psychedelic drugs were also used before acts of violence.
  • The weapon forged by Red was an homage to legendary metal band Celtic Frost's logo.
  • One of the cultists asks Mandy where does she live; she tells that is near Crystal Lake, the same name as the lake at Friday the 13th films, a reference to Jason Voorhees, the infamous serial killer.
  • The book Mandy reads early on during the film, "Seeker of the Serpent's Kiss", is a prop, a fake book. It is actually the name of the musical composition playing during that scene and it is by the film's composer, Jóhann Jóhannsson.
  • Towards the end of the film, Red tells the cult leader that the psychotic drowns where the mystic swims. This is a variation of a quote by mythologist, Joseph Campbell: "The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight." (Joseph Campbell, "Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research"). Meaning, that there's a fine line between psychosis and spirituality.
  • The number 44 on Red's shirt is likely a reference to Mark Twain's unfinished novel The Mysterious Stranger where a supernatural character called "No. 44" appears and uses his supernatural powers to expose the futility of mankind's existence.
  • You can see Cheddar Goblin Macaroni boxes in Caruthers' trailer when Red goes to get the bow.
  • Linus Roache, who plays the cult's leader, actually is a cult leader for a cult named EnlightenNext. He has been with them since 1994. He runs operations for the cult in California and his father, a Druid since the '60s, runs operations in Britain. The cult has a long and extensive history of abuse and fraud.
  • [September, 2018 e.v.] During a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Nicolas Cage disclosed that when Panos Cosmatos first approached him to be in the film, he wanted him to play the role of the cult leader, Jeremiah Sand, but Cage said he wanted to play Red instead. Panos told him this was a story about old age vs youth and he didn't think he was right to play Red; no agreements were able to be made. A year later, through Elijah Wood, they met again to talk about the film, and this time they explored more in detail the themes of love and the loss of love within the film and they discussed those same themes within their personal lives and by this time, everything just clicked and Panos then felt totally confident in Cage's playing Red.
  • The scene early in the film in which Mandy is going through a forest alone and stumbles upon a dead baby lamb seems to have been inspired by a scene in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) in which Clarice relays to Hannibal Lecter the story of her upbringing and how after her father's murder when she was only ten years old was orphaned and was sent to live with cousins on a sheep and horse ranch in Montana and how one morning she was awakened by a strange noise that ended up being a slaughter of lambs for Springtime and that their cries when being slaughtered were like the cries of children and it frightened her to run away and try to save at least one lamb. Mandy then recounts a story to Red about when she was a little girl and how starlings (small birds) were always eating cherries off of trees and playing around and how much she loved them around but that her dad hated them and one day he brought a pillowcase full of starlings to her and some friends playing in an empty lot and he showed them how to kill them all with a crowbar. Clarice's last name is Starling in the Hannibal Lecter series.
  • The song Jeremiah Sand plays in the scene where he tries to seduce Mandy is called "Amulet of the Weeping Maze" and was actually released in real life on the music site Bandcamp, becoming a "best-seller" on the site shortly after the film came out. Also on the single is a 17-minute track in the style of an interview called "My Journey" which details Sand's life and his views on the world and God.
  • In original script written by director Panos Cosmatos and Aaron Stewart-Ahn in February of 2016 there were more specific songs and music which were gonna play during some scenes. For example, instrumental synth track Ruleth by Ssleperhood was supposed to play in the scene where Red fights with last biker and then sets him on fire and decapitates him.
  • Linus Roache, who plays the cult leader, is a real life cult leader for a cult named EnlightenNext. He has been with them since 1994 and he runs operations for the cult in the U.S. out of California. His father, William Roache, also an actor and a Druid since the '60s, runs operations for the cult in Britain. The cult has a long and extensive history of fraud and abuse.
  • The bathroom scene is a nod to The Shining and the Overlook Hotel. The fact he really descends into madness while drinking within, wink wink, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson)
  • The shirt 44 has two meanings. One is it's a New York Yankees Reggie Jackson shirt. Reggie is famous for hitting three straight homers during game six in 1977. The number 44 also refers to the real life serial killer David Richard Berkowitz, known also as the Son of Sam and the .44 Caliber Killer, is an American serial killer who pleaded guilty to eight separate shooting attacks that began in New York City during the summer of 1977 also known as the Summer of Sam.
  • The film's opening song "Starless" by King Crimson originally appeared on their 1974 album "Red," also the name of Nicolas Cage's character.
  • While the beginning of the film features the standard cast, filmmakers, and crew credits, the title card does not appear until the one hour and 15 minute mark of the film.
  • The chainsaw fight had to be filmed in one night which the director Panos Cosmatos described as "a straight up living hell" to shoot.
  • Red jokes that his favorite planet is Galactus, the villainous planet eater from Marvel Comics. Nicolas Cage is a noted comic fan. When he changed his name he took it from Marvel Comics hero Luke Cage and has played three separate Marvel heroes across four films.
  • Actor Richard Brake (who plays The Chemist) revealed on Twitter in Dec 2018 that in an early draft of the script the caged Bengal Tiger "Lizzie" was a lizard. Brake recounted when he arrived on set director Panos Cosmatos said "Oh, by the way: Lizzie's a tiger now."
  • "Better to burn out than to fade...". The full phrase (",,,away.") is also a line from a song from Neil Young and Crazy Horse. The song is called "My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)" from the album "Rust Never Sleeps" from 1979.
  • The quad runners the demon is using ade too new and sophisticated to be a 1983 model, not even close as the lights are high tech compared to 1983. .
  • On his protagonist performance inspiration: only just before shooting started, Cage's 14 year marriage (to Alice Kim) came to 'a sudden end' : "A shocker for me .. . didn't see it coming, and those feelings had to go somewhere, so they went into my performance." [interview, UK Guardian newspaper, 1.10.18.]
  • According to co-writer Aaron Stewart-Ahn, when he and Panos Cosmatos presented Mandy (2018) at the Cannes Film Festival, Cosmatos described it as a film about the death of his parents.
  • Eyes Wide Shut reference: Mandy is the name of the escort whose life Tom Cruise saves and later she saves his in the Hieros Gamos ritual scene. Panos Cosmatos credits Stanley Kubrick as an influence in his work.
  • The movie is dedicated to the memory of the composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (1969-2018).
  • Body count: 10.
  • Nicolas Cage had a screaming coach named David Sellers.


  • Director's Trademark: Characters using LSD.
  • The green glowing light that Mandy pulls out of the corpse during one of the animation sequences is a nod/homage to the glowing green orb featured in 1981's Heavy Metal.
  • At the end of the film when Jeremiah is on his knees and begs Red Miller not to kill him, he says. "I'll suck your dick." That's a possible reference to the short story "Killing Nazis" by fellow Greek writer Nikos Kalpakis. There is a scene where a character is on his knees begging for his life and says exactly the same line.
  • Right before Brother Swan is killed, he utters the phrase "Better to burn out than to fade...". This is likely a reference to a lyric from the song "Hey Hey, My My" by Neil Young, which was also included in the suicide note of Kurt Cobain. The complete line is "It's better to burn out than to fade away."
  • When Red is being held captive by the biker gang, his number 44 shirt gets cut / torn. He mentions, "That was my favorite shirt." Later in the movie, Red has a flashback to the first time he meets Mandy, where he is wearing the same shirt.
  • Before Brother Swan is killed, he uses the phrase "Better to burn out than to fade...". The full phrase (",,,away.") is also a quote from The Kurgan character in the 1986 film Highlander.
  • Brother Swan shows Red a blade with which he will pierce his side as he's tied up and tells him, "Take a good look, you piece of human excrement! This is the tainted blade of the Pale Night, straight from the Abyssal Lair!". This is a reference to the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game; Pale Night is the Mother of Demons and an Abyssal Lord.
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