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  • When Red encounters The Chemist, he appears to be preparing a batch of the cult's LSD by soaking a sheet of paper in a clear liquid, which would create what is known as "blotter acid", which is small squares of paper soaked in liquid LSD. He is handling the liquid LSD with his bare hands; doing this would render The Chemist with a dose far more than enough to render him delirious and non-functional for several days at minimum.
  • When Mandy is reading her book she has a Series 2009 one dollar bill as a bookmark. The story takes place in the early 1980s.
  • Set in 1983, it's a tad early for quad ATVs.
  • When Mandy is reading in the shop, the book is open on the same page as earlier, but this time she is reading the left page. Earlier she was reading the page on the right.
  • When Nic Cage's character turns to his forge to construct his revenge weapon the metal he pours is aluminium yet when he puts it on the anvil it's miraculously turned to steel.
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