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  • The film premiered at TIFF (Toronto international Film Festival) in Canada in September 2018.
  • In 2014 Tracy Edwards learned that her boat, "Maiden," was rotting on the rocks in The Seychelles, a small group of islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, where it had been abandoned by its owner two years before. She crowdfunded the money to repurchase the wreck in 2016, and took another year to restore it at Southampton, where she and her crew had rebuilt it the first time in 1989. As of 2019, it is on a three-year world tour to raise money and awareness for girls' access to education in poorer nations. Her project is called "The Maiden Factor."
  • Assembling the footage turned out to be a major detective job as there was footage disseminated to all the news networks of all the places where the Maiden landed.
  • Alex Holmes got the idea for the film after Tracy Edwards made a speech at his daughter's school.
  • Alex Holmes was particularly interested in telling Tracy Edwards' story because she wasn't the typical sporting "golden girl". Instead, she had had a troubled youth which involved running away from home from an abusive stepfather and getting thrown out of school.
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