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    • Jaime: Can I get a kiss without the hair?
    • Madeline: Inside the car, my mom tried to give me a sex talk.
    • [first lines]
    • Nurse, KK: The emotions you are having are not your own. They are someone else's. You are not the cat. You are inside the cat.
    • [In a deep voice]
    • Madeline: Who wants some noodles, yeah, yay-eh. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
    • Madeline: Wanna get some noodles? x4
    • Madeline: Go, go! Go, go! Go, go!
    • Evangeline: Really look at its face, because you're going to become that.
    • Evangeline: Jung says that, "In all chaos, there is a cosmos. In all disorder, a secret order. The pendulum of the mind swings between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong."
    • Madeline: If you could cut out someone's face and wear it as your own, who would it be?
    • Regina: You been smoking?
    • Madeline: No.
    • Damon: What's your answer?
    • Madeline: The sky.
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