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    • Tanmay Shah: Who is the customer ?
    • Raghuvir 'Raghu' Mehta: Customer is the King.
    • Tanmay Shah: The Customer is an idiot. Why is that ?
    • Raghuvir 'Raghu' Mehta: I don't know.
    • Tanmay Shah: Because the customer is naive. He doesn't know what he wants. You need to tell him that.
    • Tanmay Shah: The customer only shows...... .his need. He shows us his need. What's are the needs of a customer ?
    • Raghuvir 'Raghu' Mehta: Inexpensive goods. Good quality goods.
    • Tanmay Shah: The customer's need is the lock.
    • Raghuvir 'Raghu' Mehta: A lock ?
    • Tanmay Shah: A customer's need is the lock. And the day you find the key to that lock...... you will become an entrepreneur.
    • Dr. Vardhi: Excuse me sir. You don't seem well today.
    • SIT Member 3: Tonsils.
    • Dr. Vardhi: I am very sorry sir. I made you say such a vulgar thing in front of this respected committee.
    • SIT Member 3: What's vulgar in Tonsils ?
    • Dr. Vardhi: So it's not vulgar to talk about Tonsils ? It's not vulgar to talk about a fractured hand ? It's not vulgar to talk about appendix and diabetes ? Then why is it vulgar to talk about reproductive organs ? Are they not your body parts ? Do you get them installed separately, privately ? Vulgar ! We live in a country where someone has said that a peahen gets pregnant by consuming the tears of a peacock. This is how backward our thinking is.
    • Raghuvir 'Raghu' Mehta: Such people have a problem with not just human sex life but also a peacock's sex life as well.
    • Tanmay Shah: You never sell the actual product.
    • Raghuvir 'Raghu' Mehta: Then ?
    • Tanmay Shah: The soup is your story and Vardhi is your hero. Sell the hero, not the story.
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